Arts Reporter - Bilingual

News Doral, FL


The Miami Herald is looking for a bilingual Spanish-English arts journalist who will tell local trend stories, profile local artists and preview local arts happenings via new media platforms and in traditional narrative formats. This reporter should be proficient in creating content for TikTok, Instagram and other new media formats. You must be knowledgeable and passionate about visual and performing arts and be fluent in both written and spoken English and Spanish. 

The ideal candidate enjoys experimenting with innovative media arts stories to determine what resonates with tech-savvy media consumers who do not regularly consume the Miami Herald’s traditional arts coverage in print and online. You are an idea generator who will protectively self-assign stories that are on the verge of going viral. You should be able to work with traditional sources and engagement tools such as Google Trends and other metrics to identify the stories people are talking about or will be talking about. 

Coverage should include South Florida’s broad arts community and offerings, including visual arts, galleries, museum exhibition and performances in theater, music and performance art created by both established and emerging local arts presenters. You are not expected to be an arts expert or historian but should be familiar with and passionate about both visual and performing arts and have an eye for intriguing and unexpected stories. 

You will uphold the highest standards of journalistic professionalism. 

This is a full-time position based in Miami. It is funded by a two-year grant that may or may not be renewed. Weekend and non-traditional hours will be required to cover this beat.

This reporter will: 

  • Preview upcoming arts presentations such as major or unusual exhibitions of visual art and performances of theater, performance art and classical, jazz and contemporary music
  • Cover breaking arts news, such as major national awards to local artists
  • Spotlight and explain local trends in visual and performing arts in formats and language accessible to regular consumers
  • Create accessible profiles and features of local performing and visual artists, organizations and institutions 
  • Tell behind-the-scenes stories that will enlighten, engage and surprise audiences 
  • Participate in coverage of Miami Art Week

Success will be measured in both the quality of work and the traffic it generates. This reporter will need to: 

  • Select stories with an eye for audience engagement and traffic
  • Test presentation in different storytelling formats to determine what best resonates with audiences
  • Monitor trending topics from social media to inform editorial decisions
  • Participate in occasional live editorial forums/events
  • Manage photos, headlines, links, SEO and story packaging for publishing on, new media channels and print
  • Bring fresh ideas to daily content creation and social media promotion
  • Engage with readers on social media platforms
  • Monitor competitive websites and social media in your coverage area


  • 3 years of writing experience in a news organization
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Spanish
  • A good feel for audience interest and trends
  • Strong sense of visuals
  • Fresh writing style in an engaging, conversational voice
  • Proficiency with new media technologies and formats, including TikTok, Instagram, Instagram Stories, video and Facebook live.
  • Regular use of social media to grow audiences for his/her content.
  • Knowledge of and enthusiasm for visual and performing arts 
  • Team player who works collaboratively
  • Must have valid driver’s license
  • Must have vehicle insurance required (at least minimum insurance required for the state in which the employee works)
  • Must have reliable transportation  


McClatchy is committed to providing equal employment opportunity (EEO) for all applicants and employees. McClatchy considers all candidates without regard to basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, ancestry, medical condition, family care status, pregnancy or physical disability (except where physical fitness is a valid occupational qualification), or any other basis protected by state and federal laws.