Senior Director of Product

Product Salt Lake City, Utah


The Bottom Line

A famous futurist said, “Moats are lame. The pace of innovation is what matters’” Yet, most scaled companies aren’t good at either. At Mavenlink, we are market leaders, and we believe in BOTH a good ol’ defensible moat and fast-paced innovation. The Sr. Director of Product will play a key role in helping us continue to lead our customers and industry through defensible and frequent innovation.

The Job

At Mavenlink, Product Management is hired to help the company acquire, defend and increase product-market fit. We define product-market fit as “meeting the underserved needs of the target customer better than the competition.” As mentioned earlier, fast-paced and defensible innovation that solves acute customer pain points are key to improving product-market fit.

For this specific role, we are looking for an experienced product leader to lead the vision, the team and ultimately our market in redefining the way our target customers think about running their business. This product leader is someone who thrives in developing and launching new products from scratch.

Simply put, if you are a product leader and you’ve relentlessly pioneered new products that have made a lasting impact for your customers, business and market, then you’d make a great addition to our team.

Key Responsibilities

  • Acquire and maintain a succinct understanding of target customer needs
  • Build and maintain comprehensive market-map to help the organization understand how to meet our customers’ needs better than the competition.
  • Develop a market tested strategy for your product area.
  • Influence and inspire all team members and stakeholders to pursue your vision with you
  • Launch and measure the effectiveness of new product capabilities on an ongoing and frequent basis
  • Deliver a quarterly report on product performance to the product and executive leadership teams
  • Lead a team of product managers to help develop and execute the product strategy and to measure them against key performance objectives
  • Communicate clearly, energetically and a succinctly to team members, executives and customers.


  • 8-10+ years of product management experience
  • Proven track record of launching new products and capabilities in a B2B SAAS environment
  • Ability to demonstrate at least $50M of ARR generated from products launched
  • Experience developing and vetting a winning product strategy
  • Expertise across key SAAS business systems likes CRM, BI and Product telemetry tools.
  • Proven ability to be a “master influencer” in order to influence all stakeholders to contributing towards a common objective
  • Clear understanding of modern product management frameworks to guide strategy, discovery and delivery.
  • Ability to hire experienced product managers
  • Experience managing a team towards measurable objectives
  • Exceptional written and and verbal communication, including quarterly business reports & ad-hoc analysis, working cross-functionally, with executives, analysts, and customers
  • Domain experience in delivering, scoping, and selling professional services