Delivery Driver

Operations West Burlington, Massachusetts



Delivery Driver

Job Purpose:

We are seeking daily delivery drivers with good organizational skills and attention to detail. Background in EMT, law enforcement, military is a plus. These are Full-Time positions with good pay and benefits

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • On a daily basis review the Cargo Receiving Log.
  • In charge of delivering and recovering shipments to and from airport.
  • Responsible for making sure vehicle is secured while waiting to tender cargo at airline terminal or conducting a pick-up at a site for a client.
  • Responsible for checking Airway Bills for accurate and correct information.
  • Responsible for reviewing appropriate documentation, labeling and markings as included with each shipment.
  • Responsible for preparing the (NFO) Next Flight Out
  • Responsible for replenishing with proper weight of dry ice on those shipments that require dry ice, as well as those that require Gel packs for temperature chain of custody.
  • Responsible for scanning, packaging, labeling In-bound shipments before tendering for final destination, either domestic or international shipping.
  • Responsible for keeping the Vehicle Log up to date whenever using vehicles to include mileage, initial inspection before loading cargo for TSA compliance.
  • Responsible for performing other duties as required helping the Operations Team complete daily tasks.


  • To adhere to all company Policies at all times.
  • To undertake any other reasonable duties at the request of the Line Manager or Branch Manager.


  • High school education or GE
  • 1 year of professional delivery driving experience. 

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