Billing Associate

Accounting Seoul, Korea (the Republic of)



Billing Associate

Job Purpose:

To assess – on a weekly and/or monthly basis (Client-dependent) – the ability to accurately bill Clients based on the accuracy of raw data available and then to perform a quality control check on billing accuracy, identifying gaps and recommending plans for their resolution. The person will be responsible for liaising with other departments both within and outside Billing Services therefore a strong Customer Services ethic is paramount. Additionally, this role will work with the Credit Control team within Billing Services in the reduction of outstanding debt for their Key Clients.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Weekly analysis of open jobs for Client invoicing, together with recommendations and process delivery for rectifying errors
  • Weekly quality check of invoices once created, prior to their being sent to the Client
  • Monthly reconciliation of outstanding jobs, providing reasons for not billing
  • Devise process for Key Account Management for Clients under their responsibility
  • Provide monthly reports and KPIs for Alliance Directors and Clients, as required


  • Good knowledge of MS Excel
  • Analytical mind – evidenced by experience or qualification
  • Confidence to recommend alternate ways of data preparation

Essential Experience:

  • Finance/Billing related experience in a manual context
  • Direct Customer support/engagement
  • Strong stakeholder management skills, especially as the role is particularly client facing

Preferred Experience:

  • Credit Control
  • KPI delivery



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