Dispatch Team Leader

Logistics Mascot, NSW


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Job Description



Dispatch Team Leader





Reportable to:

Branch Operations Supervisor

Line Management Responsibilities:



Main Purpose:

Be main point of contact for drivers which includes performance reviews, quality, and training.

Liaise with different internal departments and external vendors.


Main Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Responsible for allocation of drivers to perform on-time freight recovery from ground handlers, collections & deliveries
  2. Working with Imports to organise the recovery and delivery of shipments
  3. Adhering to special instructions specific to each shipment as required
  4. Scheduling regular meetings with drivers to provide training, discuss recent issues
  5. Scheduling regular one-on-one meetings which will include performance reviews, sickness and annual leave overview.
  6. Manage driver shift times and attendance through Kronos.
  7. Ensure drivers complete all online trainings on time (ZenQMS, KnowB4, UPS).
  8. Review & improve existing workflows
  9. Ensure drivers compliance of Maestro system performance with all necessary data entry and confirmation of key milestones
  10. Track and trace of shipments as required
  11. Utilize technology to provide enhanced monitoring, management and control of shipments as required
  12. Ensure SOPs and compliance standards are adhered to. This will include but is not limited to, vehicle checklists, services, cleaning records, temperature logger recovery. (refer appendix A below)
  13. Ensure that Chain of custody and identity control is maintained for all shipments
  14. Assist in day-to-day operations where needed
  15. Dealing with sub-contractors and vendors to resolve issues
  16. Domestic bookings as required
  17. Providing coverage for dispatch staff when they are on leave
  18. Dealing with different departments on all facets of the business
  19. Export operations –creating SLI, preparing labels and export pack for driver




Appendix A


GOP-TPT-001/Vehicle cleaning and disinfection

GOP-TPT-003/Daily periodic vehicle check

GOP-TPT-005/How to load vehicle and secure load

GOP-TCS-009/Sensitech temperature monitoring recovery










  1. To always adhere to all company Policies.
  2. To undertake any other reasonable duties at the request of the Line Manager.


  1. Work with: -


  1. Operations
  2. Warehouse
  3. Transportation
  4. Customer service
  5. Marken Offices and Local Service Providers


     4Email & Telephone communication.


Person Specification



Dispatch Team Leader

Reportable to:

Branch Operations Supervisor







Essential Criteria

Desirable Criteria


  • Understanding of metro, surrounding and regional areas
  • Understanding of running a fleet
  • Knowledge of time and temperature requirements for clinical trials


  • Strong understanding of the life science industry

Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Be able to work through problems as they arise and find quick functioning solutions


  • Minimum of 2 year experience in the life science and clinical trial industry
  • Experience with import and export
  • Is able to work in a fast-paced environment


  • Year 12 education







By signing in ZenQMS the jobholder agrees to comply with the requirements of the job description and understands that failure to comply with the requirements may result in disciplinary action.


By signing in ZenQMS the line manager confirms the job description is a true and accurate reflection of the duties and responsibilities of the role, which has been fully explained to- and understood by- the jobholder.


Any changes to the job description must be agreed by the line manager and the jobholder.



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