Export Associate

Operations Feltham, United Kingdom



Export Associate

Job Purpose:

To process every consignment to final destination under the most expedite and efficient routing to ensure compliance with client requirements and Marken Quality Standards.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Revise all documentation provided by clients and any other Department or Branch office.
  • Confirm that the shipment is OK to Send to final destination and obtain MAWB consignment instructions.
  • Define the best possible route to dispatch the shipment to its final destination.
  • Condition shipments as required and update the proper milestones in Maestro.
  • Obtain a booking with the airline and consign the MAWB as instructed.
  • Enter the RL for International Flight.
  • Send the Alert through Maestro.
  • Coordinate with Dispatch the drop off to the Airline as per the respective COT.
  • Use the Marken-Export Daily Schedule Report and update Maestro with all the departures from designated airports.


  • High School completion or equivalent
  • Experience with imports recovery and domestic transfers
  • Experience with serving as a liaise with customs brokers to pre alert imports and follow up on clearance status
  • Air freight/Freight forwarding experience
  • Responsible for scanning, packaging, labeling In-bound shipments before tendering for final destination, either domestic or international shipping.
  • Ensure that all route legs are complete with all needed operational details and costs estimates entered in Maestro


Marken is a wholly owned subsidiary of UPS and is a critical part of UPS Healthcare. Marken offers a state-of-the-art GMP-compliant depot network and logistic hubs for clinical drug product storage and distribution worldwide, and supports cell and gene therapy logistics services from clinical to commercial, while maintaining the leading position for Direct-to-Patient and Home Healthcare services, biological sample shipments and biological kit production.


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