Off-Duty Police Officer, T-Mobile Park Events

Ballpark Operations Seattle, Washington





Responsible for providing a safe environment for events, visitors, and employees. Monitors environment to detect potential hazards, notified appropriate personnel and takes corrective action as appropriate. Primarily remains on standby to deter and/or prevent crimes or acts of violence. Notifies the Security Department management on duty when action is taken. Provides assistance and services to public and employees according to established procedures.  


  • Certified completion of an approved police-training academy and be a sworn law enforcement officer with either the Seattle Police Department or King County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Must have police powers in the King County, Washington.
  • Must have permission from authorizing agency to work off duty/secondary shifts as a police officer.

The Mariners are committed to providing competitive pay, perks and benefits packages for our valued Team Members.   

The anticipated pay for this seasonal role is $79-$83 per hour. The Mariners also provide a robust and unique offering of perks and benefits including paid public transportation, concession and merchandise discounts, special access to baseball games and other public events, and a number of exclusive employee incentives.   

 All perks are subject to eligibility requirements and availability and may be modified or amended from time to time.  

 This information is being provided in accordance with the Washington State Equal Pay and Opportunity Act.