Manager, Video Operations

Marketing Seattle, Washington




Job Title: Manager, Video Operations

Department: Productions

Reports To: Senior Director, Productions

Status: Full-time, Exempt


Primary Objective: Responsible for coordinating and executing the production needs for The Club’s live productions and events, as well as manages the assets (production equipment, hardware, etc.) used by the department for both live and post-production projects

 Essential Functions:

  • Provide strong people leadership; implement strategies to effectively manage Team Members and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of department’s people resources
  • Train, evaluate performance and foster growth and development of Team Members (videoboard gameday staff, production assistants, etc.), encouraging personal and professional development
  • Assist in managing the production and AV elements for events executed by The Club (games and non-game events)
  • Serve as the production liaison to the Ballpark Events Department. Help develop the production plan to execute each event’s needs
  • Develop production solutions for executing ideas, concepts and features utilizing current production staff and equipment
  • Help program and operate control room equipment including the switcher, replay system, graphic machines, clips playback, cameras, audio and scoreboard systems
  • Help execute live productions as a producer, director or control room operator for events held at the ballpark (games and non-game events)
  • Assist in the content creation and loading of content for events (games and non-game events)
  • Schedule and attend all rehearsals requiring the use of the control room equipment and ballpark LED displays
  • Be on-site for non-ballpark events requiring the use of the control room equipment and ballpark LED displays, unless otherwise determined by supervisor
  • Participate in the selection and hiring of day of game/event control room operators. Day-to-day management of the operators including staffing game and non-game events, directing work, providing feedback and general support.
  • Train, teach best practices and foster the growth and development of all control room operators
  • Assist in managing relationships with third party vendors and their operators
  • Coordinate the use and storage of field production gear (cameras, lights, audio equipment, etc.)
  • Shoot, edit and create graphics as needed. Help manage the archiving and storing of digital content
  • Manage content/footage requests from third parties (RSN, MLB, internal departments, etc.)
  • Able and willing to work irregular hours including weekends and holidays
  • Must be able to move and handle heavy equipment and gear. Will perform other duties as assigned

 Education and Experience:

  • High school diploma or GED required; Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field preferred. Equivalent, relevant experience may be considered in lieu of formal education if approved by management.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience with 3 years in a management or high-level technical capacity position
  • 2-3 years of previous control room operation experience required
  • 2-3 years of live production experience required
  • Previous experience programming control room equipment required

Competencies, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s):

  • Expert knowledge in control room equipment including switcher (Ross), graphics (Ross Xpression), replay systems (EVS), clips playback (IP Director), cameras (Grass Valley, Sony, Canon), audio gear and scoreboard systems (ANC)
  • Competent at producing and directing live events
  • Capable at shooting, editing and creating of graphics; working knowledge of ENG, studio and DSLR cameras and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite required
  • Competent in required job skills and knowledge. Completes work assignments thoroughly and completely in an accurate and prompt manner. Identifies and corrects errors. Is careful, alert and accurate, paying attention to details of the job.
  • Demonstrates through their actions and interactions with others a commitment to The Mariners Purpose, Mission and Values
  • Makes decisions and takes actions that contribute to exceptional experiences for guests
  • Shares and expresses thoughts in a clear and effective manner through verbal and written communication skills.
  • Exhibits effective listening skills and builds positive relationships with all team members, vendors, and guests.  Is diplomatic, tactful and professional in all forms of communication.
  • Takes personal responsibility for getting things done in a way that positively and professionally represents the organization
  • Understands and supports the team and is quick to volunteer to assist others. Others view most interactions as being positive with a willingness to achieve common goals.  Effective in working with others to cooperatively solve problems.  Workplace behavior is consistently respectful of others.
  • Approaches change positively and leads others through the change process with a focus on the positive outcomes for the business
  • Appropriately manages risk and capitalizes on opportunities that lead to positive outcomes for the business
  • Effective negotiation skills that includes analyzing a problem to determine the interests of each party in the negotiation and effectively communicating that between the parties involved
  • Handles sensitive and/or confidential information professionally, involving only those who need to be involved or informed
  • Identify, collect and analyze relevant information to a problem and create multiple solutions
  • Know when to make a unilateral decision and when to consult with the team or superiors, and how to involve them in the process
  • Independently takes actions that creates a positive outcome for the organization and/or an exceptional experience for guests
  • Initiate and maintain actions to attain goals, regularly monitoring progress
  • Navigate a variety of social, emotional and interpersonal situations to leverage the capabilities, insights and ideas of all individuals
  • Recognize the complexity of business needs in today’s environment, evolve as needed and utilize talent to lead this transformation
  • Strong attention to detail and deadlines
  • Thinks globally and analytically in order to reach appropriate solutions and create positive results for the organization