Business Unit: Interiors/Plastics (IBU)

Manufacturing Canton, Mississippi



Under general supervision this position is responsible for various manufacturing operations. The Production Supervisor II coordinates employee, component and equipment schedules to build adequate quantities of product to meet customer demand while managing overtime, equipment maintenance, personnel records and initiating/documenting corrective actions in an effort to meet company goals. This position is also responsible for conducting positive employee motivational program while insuring the maintenance of all company quality, quantity and safety goals.


  1. Evaluate production schedules to plan manpower to meet production needs.
  2. Review production and implement countermeasures if necessary to meet demands.
  3. Organize and direct manufacturing staff, make sure process procedures are followed.
  4. Supervise workflow and monitor quality of production.
  5. Shop floor management to include developing Line Leads and instruction to hourly workers.
  6. Monitor, record and report production data (production, scrap cost, overtime cost, first runs, etc.).
  7. Create cross training plans and maintain training records for all hourly team members.
  8. Monitor and maintain Time and Attendance records daily.
  9. Troubleshoot daily quality, safety and production issues.
  10. Communicate work and needs with other departments (Maintenance, Engineering, Tooling, IT, Production Control, etc.).
  11. Manage established goals for quality, cost, delivery, safety and morale.
  12. Evaluation of customer returns (to include weekly quality meeting presentation).
  13. Supervise 3S/5S conditions/activities.
  14. Monitor inventory to meet shipping requirements.
  15. Maintain a union-free environment.
  16. Communicates frequently with internal and external contacts on various issues.
  17. Performs other duties as assigned.

The above typical duties are characteristic of this job and demonstrate a level of difficulty and are not intended to list or limit the duties that may be required or assigned to an employee in this classification.


This work is performed in a general manufacturing environment.


The incumbent must:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Requires an Advanced Degree in related discipline and two (2) plus years experience in related field
  • -or-
  • Bachelor’s Degree in related discipline and three (3) plus years experience in related field
  • -or-
  • Associates Degree in related discipline and five (5) plus years experience in related field
  • -or-
  • Non-Degreed with seven (7) plus years experience in a related field.
  • Have experience working with integrated computer programs and/or applications.
  • Have strong communication, administrative and organizational skills, and the ability to coordinate multiple projects and programs.
  • Be able to pass all background checks and pre-employment tests, including any required drug test.
  • Be able to maintain the confidentiality of any information s/he encounters.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to those who are able to perform the essential duties of the job.


Intermediate to advanced experience (beyond basic data entry) working with computer applications such as Word, Excel, Lotus Notes, PowerPoint, and other presentation applications and/or software.