Business Unit: Green Technology Systems (Exhaust- XBU)

Manufacturing Shelbyville, Tennessee


Are you looking for a new career? Are you looking for an opportunity to grow?  Marelli is a global supplier that provides lifelong careers for our team members. 

Multiple Openings 1st & 3rd 

High Earning Opportunities 

Starting Pay: $18.50

Primary Purpose:  Under direction of line or department supervision, may perform set up, start up, changeover and/or preventive maintenance tasks associated with production equipment, molds and dies.  Will serve in multipurpose role of support to manufacturing operations.  May also operate complex production equipment.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities:    

* Obtain specialized training related to specific production equipment

* Operate production equipment

* Coordinate activities with line support groups such as maintenance, tooling, quality control, etc., to include scheduling of tasks and resources to complete. 

* Perform or assist in changeovers.

* Assist in training of technicians.

* Maintain up-to-date operational status reports.

* Diagnose and correct problems. 

* Identify, propose and coordinate improvement activities.

* Perform preventive maintenance tasks.

* Assist in safety compliance of equipment and line operations.

* Collect data, assemble reports, perform routine computer functions.  

SEE ATTACHED TASK LIST FOR SPECIFIC DEPARTMENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES _____________________________________________________________________________

  1. The above typical duties are characteristic of this job and demonstrate a level of difficulty, and are not intended to list or limit the duties which may be required or assigned to an employee in this classification.
  2. Due to the training and expertise associated with this classification, winning bidders shall not bid on parallel or lessor job classifications for a period of two years. ______________________________________________________________________________

Requirements:  High school diploma or equivalent.  Work experience with demonstrated abilities in areas specific to those outlined in this job description.  Basic grammar, math skills, and good communications skills are needed.  Ability to work a standard forty-hour week with overtime as required.  Some travel may be required and  fork truck certification.  Ability to meet physical requirements such as lifting materials, standing for extended periods of time or exposure to environmental factors such as; noise, vibration, fumes, or chemicals.


Perform changeovers

Support and perform setup of equipment and processes

Train others in tooling care and changeovers

Identify improvement measures to reduce setup times

Manage proper storage of tooling and dies

Setup and maintain cutter stands

Adjust cutters and roll forming equipment

Perform regular production activities as required


Troubleshooting at production line

Disassemble/assemble molds

Wire and rewire molds

Do hydraulic, plumbing installation and repairing

Perform preventative maintenance on molds

Drive tow motor, operate overhead crane

Become familiar with manufacturing process in order to properly troubleshoot line

Read blueprints & schematics

Do basic welding

Read precision measuring instruments

Some clerical skills


Perform basic programming of robots

Diagnose problems

Conduct overall PM of robots

Coordinate installation and other projects related to robotic equipment

Participate in new equipment training

Train other technicians

Perform regular production activities as required


Operate specialized, complex production equipment

Obtain operator training as well as skills to train other operators

Perform set up, changeover, routine maintenance of machine

Diagnose problems

Program, adjust machine when needed

Record data where required

Perform regular production activities as required


Working knowledge of manufacturing process in designated areas of assignment

Proficient in skills specific to area of assignment

Understands key quality points unique to assigned area