Business Unit: Corporate Function

Information Technology Shelbyville, Tennessee


1.0              BRIEF DESCRIPTION:     


·         Responsible for the configuration, installation and maintenance of Network Equipment including LAN, WAN, WLAN, Firewalls, Servers and Storage.

·         Proposes and implements network and system architecture changes to support business requirements.

·         Manages new hardware proposals, maintenance contracts, software, and licensing requirements.

·         Ability to streamline the deployment, configuration changes and troubleshooting using scripting and automation and orchestration technologies.

·         Proficient deploying and supporting a VMWare virtualization environment and cloud technologies.




·         Ensure the stable operation of the computer network including planning, developing, configuring maintaining, supporting, monitoring, and optimizing communication links and equipment.

·         Install and maintain CISCO and Fortinet routers, switches, access points, wireless controllers, firewalls, and maintain IPSEC VPN tunnels.

·         Assist clients in daily maintenance and troubleshooting of LAN, WAN, WLAN, NICs and cabling infrastructure.

·         Responsible for critical Manufacturing IT system monitoring, patches, maintenance releases, and upgrades for in-scope manufacturing applications storage, application servers, backup/recovery, and virtualization

·         CISCO VOIP troubleshooting and configuration of QOS on CISCO networking equipment

·         Participate in analyzing, planning, and implementing proactive maintenance, including backup and recovery strategies, software patches and upgrades.

·         Monitors networks and systems for availability, error conditions, adequate space allocation, backup integrity, and performance. 

·         Supports the incident communication process by following established departmental communication guidelines.

·         Create user accounts, groups, disk administration, backups, system security, login scripts, monitoring performance, and proactive optimization.

·         Configuration and support of servers, workstations, and portable systems supporting both local and remote connectivity.

·         Install and maintain application software products including Antivirus and other communication software including updates to servers, workstations, and portable systems.

·         Assists in developing strategies to effectively perform root-cause analysis of problems, poor performance, and error conditions.  Develops effective relationships with vendor support to troubleshoot and resolve problems.  

·         Participate in asset management responsibilities, which include data entry and updates of configuration items, contracts, service agreements and monitoring.

·         Experience with Windows, and VMWARE Hosts and Guests networking, SAN / Network Switches and Storage Area Networking configuration.

·         Maintain Windows Networking infrastructure including Proxies, Content Filtering, DHCP, and DNS servers.

·         Utilizes analytical and communication skills in the development and modification of documentation, written procedures, and technical knowledge base documentation, resulting in content tailored to the targeted level and type of audience.

·         Provides ICT technical support to local and remote users.

3.0              MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:


·         Education:  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science /Information Technology Preferred

·         Experience: 

- 5 to 7 Years administration and support experience within LAN/WAN, CISCO switches, firewall, routers, TCP/IP, and network monitoring.

- IP address assignments and subnetting.

- Knowledge of CISCO proprietary and open industry standards like 802.1q VTP, STP, PAGP, LACP, NAT, IPSEC.

- Design and manage Fortinet and operate network solutions including FortiGate firewalls, FortiSwitches and FortiAPs.

- Windows Server 2008 and 2012 configuration, administration and support.

- VMWare installation, configuration and management.

·         Skills:

- Service Orientation - Demonstrates quality service and accountability in the process of troubleshooting and resolving incidents, resulting in accurate, timely, and efficient solutions as demonstrated by ability to meet customer needs, and meeting or exceeding established performance metrics.

- Excellent organization and customer service skills.

- Team player – ability to work successfully as part of a team.

- Strong verbal, and written communication skills.



4.0               DESIRED SKILLS:


·         Experience with Veeam Backup and backup and disaster recovery procedures.

·         Ability to develop and automate tasks and activities using VBScript, PowerShell and Python scripts.

·         Capable to design and configure cloud solutions in an Azure, AWS and GCP environments.

·         Ability to leverage automation and orchestration technologies for systems and network equipment configuration using Ansible and SaltStack

·         Familiarity with DevOps, CI / CD technologies and tools: Jenkins and Git

·         Experience with application container technologies: Docker, Kubernetes and OpenStack



5.0          APPROVALS:





Human Resources Department                                                                              Department Manager