Business Unit: Interiors/Plastics (IBU)

Production Control Lewisburg, Tennessee



Under general supervision, this position is responsible for setting and changing production schedules to maximize output and assure finished good availability to meet shipping schedules.



  1. Plans and schedules manufacturing work areas ensuring parts are produced in a timely manner to meet customer shipments.
  2. Monitors material requirement plan (MRP) to ensure component availability.
  3. Communicate with Manufacturing, Manufacturing Engineering, Process Engineering, customer service, suppliers, sales, purchasing, QA and shipping and receiving departments to meet customer needs.
  4. Support and track design changes until first shipment to customer.
  5. Attend meetings as required and support launch of new products.
  6. Communicates frequently with internal and external contacts on various issues.
  7. Phase in / phase out control of design change and NPL with suppliers, customers and in-plant to keep obsolete inventory at zero.
  8. Support and track inventory issues to resolve errors.
  9. Adjust Inventory on the IFS system.
  10. Prepare Inventory summary reports.
  11. Performs other duties as assigned.




The above typical duties are characteristic of this job and demonstrate a level of difficulty and are not intended to list or limit the duties that may be required or assigned to an employee in this classification.




This work is performed in a general manufacturing and office environment.



The incumbent must:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED.


  • Three plus years’ experience in a manufacturing leadership related role at Marelli.


  • Certification may be required in some areas.


  • Have experience working with integrated computer programs and/or applications.


  • Have strong communication, administrative and organizational skills, and the ability to coordinate multiple projects and programs.


  • Be able to pass all background checks and pre-employment tests, including any required drug test.


  • Be able to maintain the confidentiality of any information s/he encounters.


Reasonable accommodations may be made to those who are able to perform the essential duties of the job.



Intermediate to advanced experience (beyond basic data entry) working with computer applications such as Word, Excel, Lotus Notes, PowerPoint, and other presentation applications and/or software.