Business Unit: Cabin Comfort/HVAC (CBU)

Maintenance Madison, Mississippi


General Description/Functions: Maintenance Lead Technicians are to support their supervisor in coordinating activities of team members in the Maintenance area on his / her assigned shift. Perform general Maintenance Technician responsibilities as needed such as repairing, maintaining, replacing, installing and testing manufacturing equipment at assigned plant(s). May also, circulate the maintenance specified areas and check to make sure that the current conditions are meeting the standards / guidelines provided by Marelli. In addition to this, the maintenance leads are also responsible for assisting in identifying problems and correcting them in a timely manner to reduce / stop potential issues related to safety, quality, and or maintenance related issues for themselves or any team member. Leads are not to address work related concerns of the team members - other than those that are technical or clerical in nature. Leads are to timely and confidentially report concerns or work rule violations to their supervisor or member of management.

Tasks/Activities: 1) Monitor production and relay daily work assignments and instructions to the team members as communicated to them by the supervisor. 2) Verify work areas in their areas are maintained by the themselves and the team members based on 5S standard requirements. 3) Train and re-train maintenance technicians as needed on the production jobs within their areas of responsibility and in the proper way to insure highest level of quality is achieved. 4) Complete necessary paperwork using applicable software. 5) Set a good example by maintaining acceptable attendance, safety, housekeeping, work ethic, positive attitude, etc… 6) Have good technical knowledge of equipment in their areas in order for effective trouble shooting to be performed. 7) Respond to additional work assignments when requested, and perform all essential functions in a timely manner under typical production schedules. 8) Perform standard maintenance technician responsibilities such as: - Inspect, troubleshoot and repair equipment, - Maintain planned maintenance activities, - Share knowledge and train others, - Perform job duties with minimal supervision, - Serve as team member on task forces, 3-day improvement activities, and other special projects, V-ups, V-Fasts. - Perform physical and mental activities as required, including but not limited to lifting, climbing, and operation of genie booms, fork trucks, and all lifting devices as needed.- Works from drawings, sketches, layouts, and or schematics.

REQUIREMENTS: A minimum of two years formal education beyond high school in a technical field and three years of on the job experience in technical trades, or Associates. Degree in a technical held such as Robotics or Electronics that provided hands on learning experience, or five years proven experience in a technical field. Must have the ability to work in a multi-skilled environment including the potential to perform work across other skilled trades' crafts. A demonstrated desire and ability to learn including ability to train others is required. Must possess leadership ability in both project management and continuous improvement activities. Must demonstrate thoroughness and orderliness in performing work assignments. Requires ability to utilize tools, follow directions, maintain tempo, recognize quality, problem solve, exhibit teamwork, use interpersonal skills, work safely, and work overtime as required. May be required to qualify for fork truck certification and operate lift devices as necessary.