Business Unit: Automotive Lighting (ALU)

New Product Launch Pulaski, Tennessee


Productive Launch Process of New Projects. 7 Faces Launch Expert using (software or Applications of the Company), Knowle on the Process of the Sample Shop, apply the Tools and Standard Methodology of the Corporative like meetings Design, Assembly process Validation of the Parts, meetings to review each Project, Launch, Governance. Training and Coordination of the PLM Process Launch Managers using the Standard Procedure´s established by Marelli. The Objective is to do the Silent Launch on all the Projects without Costumers Escalations and Handover to Production, Ensure that all the team achive the Targets of OEE, Quality and manpower operators ramp up training until the project will be release to Production. Apply the Standard Files and Procedure to release the Tools, Coating Fixtures, Metallizing Machines, Molding Machines, Coating and Treatments Machines, Assembly Lines and Peripheral equipment’s of all Mexican Region.


• Ensure that all New Launch meet the Targets with the Standard Process according to the 7 Step or Faces, Using (Software or Standard Applications of the Company) For example Jira-Atlassian, without Costumers Escalations, Coordinating the PLM Project Launch Managers using the Standard Methodology defined Project Management Organization and Work Project Industrialization, (PMO-WPI).

• Coordination and Ensure that all the Project Launch Managers (PLM) according of the Project Status of the 7 Gate´s

• Product Concept Release. (Headlamps, Rear lamps, Appliques, Modules)

• Launch Meetings with all the Multifunctional Team reviewing through Standards the Next Concepts.

• Tools arrivals, Tools Trails, Validations the Sub- Process Coating Treatments Hardcoating, Anti-Fog, Spraycoating and Metallization, Ensure that this Process is Validated with the all Multifunctional Team, Manufacturing, Quality, Human Resources, Production, Logistic, PTC, NPI, [email protected], Safety and Environmental Department.

• Assembly Lines. Manufacturing Construction and release, Validation of Lines (PCR) and Peripheral equipment’s, Manpower operators Hiring Plan Ramp up and Manpower Training Ramp up Starting in (Sample Shop) until the internal Runs (Golden Runs) in order to Evaluate and achive the OEE Targets. Ensure that all Multifunctional Team meet the (KPI´s), Manufacturing, Quality, Human Resources, Production, Logistic, [email protected], Safety and Environmental Department.

• Internal and External Components (Make and Buy) Validation of the Tools Trails for all the Internal Components. Validation of the Buy Components, Ensure the Quality, Functionality according of the Suppliers production Status (T1, T2,T3) Using the Project Ramp up (CSPO) and Internal Ramp up (ISOP) to ensure the training runs, Validation of the Supplier approval or Product release (PPAP).

• Costumer Milestones (Project Timing) and Internal Production Plan (ISOP) is the responsible to create the (Ramp up) and Production plan in order to Ensure and release the Costumers requirements. In the Mid time ensure the Safety stock of the Costumer SOP (CSOP), Validate the Costumers requirements are loaded in the (SAP) and Costumers Coverage (EDI) and Validate all this information in the Mass Production Schedule (MPS).

• Training and OEE Ramp up Plan, Schedule the Different Runs of the Projects on the Assembly Lines, Project and Validate the OEE Targets (KPI´s), Operators Training, Line Cycle Time, Operations Cycle Time by stations, Mature and Quality of Finish Good (Headlamp, Rear Lamps, Appliques, Modules) Using the Standard file and Procedure until the Project release Gate 7. Validate all the open actions with the Multifunctional Team, Manufacturing, Quality, Human Resources, Production, Logistic, Sub-Process (Preproduction), Safety and Environmental Department.

• Product Finish Good Quality. (Headlamp, Rear Lamp, Applique, Module), Ensure and Validate Quality (KPI) according the Standard Procedure, Quality Maturity Index (QMI), Quality Product Index (QPI), Shipment Justment Management (SJM) to ensure the Costumer (Safe Launch) before and During the Projects Milestones, Internal Ramp up (ISOP) and Costumers Ramp up (CSOP).

• Engineering and Design Changes. Coordinate and Validate all the Potential Engineering Changes of (Tools, Electronics Components, Design or Process) (ECR), Define the following Meetings and Validate all the actions with Quality, Local Program Manager, Design, (QMP, LPM,[email protected]), Update the (SAP) Components Part Numbers and ensure to validate the Old Safety Stick and Finish Good Product, (Headlamp, Rear Lamp, Applique, Modules).

• Process Launch Projects Release. (Handover Procedure. Coordination and Validation of the Proper release or Handover Project using the Standard Procedure, (Project Management Process- ALP 402002, Handover Procedure- ALP 421044).

Project Launch Manager of New Projects.
- Education:
Industrial, manufacturing Engineering or equivalent experience

- Skills:
Problem solving

- Formation
Knowledge of systems and procedures for Quality control (IATF 16949, VDA and those required by the company and customers)
Knowledge of environmental and security systems (ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001) and those required by the company and customers
PLC intermedial
Automation Intermedial
Mechanical Design
Treatments applications