Managing Director of Learning and New Teacher Development

Leadership Richmond, California


Title:                     Managing Director of Learning & New Teacher                   Development 

Division:              Making Waves Academy Central Office

Location:             Richmond, CA   

Reports to:         Chief Executive Officer

Status:                 Full-time, Exempt


The Managing Director of New Teacher Development and Learning is responsible for the leadership and implementation of the following two key areas of – 1) Resident and intern teacher development and support and 2) student and adult learning development. In this role they execute and lead a team that: 

  • Leads/implements effective programming and supports teacher residents in the Teacher Residency program
  • Supports interns through completion of their credentials
  • Trains Residents, interns, and some MWA staff on effective use of diversity, equity, and inclusion tools and skills
  • Trains Residents, interns, & MWA staff on effective use of data, data analysis, & data-informed decision-making
  • Trains Residents and interns on foundational Preparing the Mind for Success and Competition principles
  • Assesses and evaluates student and adult learning efficacy


Part of the work in the Residency program will be to be the liaison between teacher credentialing partner, training and supporting mentor teachers, providing individual coaching to Residents and interns, and creating pipelines for future teacher residents among MWA alumni and area middle and high schools.  They will also work closely with MWA school leadership, as well as the MWA Talent Team, to support in the recruitment of mission-aligned candidates for the Residency program.  In addition, this role is responsible for leading a team that includes central office leaders in the areas of data, social-emotional development, and the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The expectation is to lead and utilize this small team to develop foundational skills in these areas that inform the practices and mindsets of new and emerging teachers.  In addition, this group will monitor, evaluate, and make recommendations on new, research-based instructional and learning practices that would benefit both students and adults.


In addition to the Residency leadership and support responsibilities, this position supports all new teachers who are not fully-credentialed (Interns).  These teacher Interns include first or second year interns and Teach For America Corps Members.  Support of these interns include ongoing meetings to provide one-on-one and small group support, innovative and consistent programming to help support and onboard new and emerging teachers into the teaching profession, and to learn MWA expectations and culture.



Primary Responsibilities

Leadership and Supervision

  • Lead and supervise a team of MWA central office personnel to train and support new teachers (foundational) and existing staff (development & refinement) on best learning practices, skills, and mindsets related to data analysis and data-informed decision making, diversity equity and inclusion, and our social-emotional tool, Preparing the Mind for Success and Competition.
  • Lead this team on performing a cadence of reviews and evaluations of current practices that identify areas of success, areas of growth, progress, and recommendations for new practices.
  • Supervise, manage, and support teacher Residents. Provide ongoing support and a regular cadence of check-ins with TFA Corps Members.
  • Track the progress of Residents and interns meeting their teacher credentialing process milestones; support them in meeting their milestone targets for earning their Preliminary Credential; and communicate with MWA Human Resources proactively and upon request to keep them up-to-date regarding the credentialing status of Residents and Interns.


Learning, Training, and Development

  • Resident/Intern Training & Development – Design and facilitate group instruction for all Residents based on best practices in adult learning and teacher education.
    • Work very closely with the MWA leadership to align trainings to the year-long professional development series.
    • Lead ongoing and regularly scheduled Residency cohort and Intern cohort meetings.
    • Develop and lead summer Mentor-Resident Orientation before and then alongside MWA August Professional Development.
    • Develop and lead ongoing seminars for Residents and Interns.
    • Develop and lead summer Mentor-Resident Orientation before and then alongside MWA August Professional Development.
    • Develop and lead ongoing seminars for Residents and Interns.
  • Mentor Teacher Training and Development – Work with and build capacity of Mentor Teachers.
    • Design and facilitate group instruction for all Mentor Teachers and provide on-going coaching and support for them as needed.
    • Collaborate with the MWA leadership to match Residents and Interns with appropriate mentor teachers.
  • Resident Evaluation – Develop and utilize tools, frameworks, and assessments to evaluate the progress of Residents and Interns in their development.
    • Formally track and regularly communicate their progress towards meeting key benchmarks and milestones in their development. Communicate their progress regularly with the Senior School Director, CEO, and school leadership. 
    • Perform a final evaluation at the Residents and Interns at the end of the school year that combines your feedback, along with the feedback and input from Mentor Teachers, colleagues, and students, to identify and chronicle Resident and Intern areas of strength and success as well as targeted areas for growth.
  • Teacher and Staff Training and Development – Provide training and evaluation of faculty and staff in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the use of data, social-emotional learning, vertical alignment, and new and innovative, research-based, instructional best practices.
    • Conduct a cadence of ongoing evaluations of the various topics described above and share that data with the Senior School Director, CEO, and the Board in sharing areas of success, areas of growth, and progress in improving instructional practice efficacy.
    • Develop or utilize existing frameworks and tools to assess the efficacy and growth of MWA faculty and staff in meeting school-wide goals related instruction, DEI, social-emotional learning (PMSC), and data.


Recruitment & Pipeline Development

  • Collaborate with the MWA Talent Team to recruit and select highly qualified and mission-aligned Residents cohorts each year through a rolling recruitment cycle and in collaboration with MWA leadership and faculty.
  • Develop pipelines for future teacher cohorts through intentional partnerships, collaboration with community partners, and in identifying MWA alumni and area middle, high school, and college students interested in education and the teaching profession specifically.


Organizational Alignment

  • Demonstrate knowledge and support of Making Waves Academy’s mission, core values, standards, competencies, and code of conduct outlined in the Employee Handbook.
  • Commitment to become an active participant in the school community – attending school competitions, performances, assemblies, and extracurricular activities.






  • BA and MA Degree (or higher) required.


  • 8+ years working in K-12 public education; experience in charter schools preferred
  • Experience formally and informally observing teachers and designing and delivering professional development programs for teachers desired
  • Teacher Residency experience desired
  • Project management experience with executive level administrators
  • Making Waves Academy mission and core values alignment
  • Experience working with students and families from historically underserved communities
  • Spanish language proficiency desired but not required


  • Strong written and oral communication skills for a wide range of stakeholders
  • Experienced in supporting highly effective and master level teachers and new (resident) teachers
  • Deep knowledge in curriculum, instruction and adult learning
  • Proven leadership skills with exceptional ability to bridge and enhance cooperative working relationships
  • Excellent organizational, management skills
  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple projects concurrently
  • Professional orientation – appearance, communication, organization and attitude