Yield Engineering Data Mining Engineer #Internships #SGunited Traineeship

IN Intern Singapore (City), Singapore


Traineeship / SGunited Traineeship Title:

Yield Engineering Data Mining Engineer

Traineeship Description:

Lumileds Yield Engineering role challenges you to use your engineering and software expertise to drive for automatic ways to improve on Excursion detection/yield improvement (using Spotfire/Extensio). 

We are seeking self-motivated individuals who are capable of designing and implementing large data solutions, translating analysis requirements into data requirements and develop conceptual models that capture the relationships within the data. You will be collaborating with Process engineers, Yield and Utilization engineers and IT engineers to create these new solutions, as well as improving existing solutions.

Specific Responsibilities:

Training will be provided to help understand the basic process flow in order to better appreciate the data flow. Training on the basic use of Spotfire/Exensio will be also provided. 

The candidate will then be attached to a Yield engineer to better understand the troubleshooting process before he/she would embark on developing automated solutions to our current way of working/performing analysis.

Technical Skills and Competencies Trainee will learn during internship / SGunited Traineeship programme:

Set up routine templates to generate daily/weekly reports automatically which will save time and resources.

Develop customized analysis templates to improve excursion detection and yield improvement.

Work with the IT team and vendors be to implement strategies for cleaning and preparing data for analysis (e.g., outliers, missing data, wrong format, etc.)