Testing Engineer

MF Manufacturing Jiaxing, China





Position Title: Technician


Work Location: Jiaxing


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Who We Are:

Companies developing automotive, mobile, IoT and illumination lighting applications need a partner who can collaborate with them to push the boundaries of light. With over 100 years of inventions and industry firsts, Lumileds is a global lighting solutions company that helps customers around the world deliver differentiated solutions to gain and maintain a competitive edge. As the inventor of Xenon technology, a pioneer in halogen lighting and the leader in high performance LEDs, Lumileds builds innovation, quality and reliability into its technology, products and every customer engagement. Together with its customers, Lumileds is making the world better, safer, more beautifulwith light.


Headquartered in the Netherlands, Lumileds has approximately 9,000 team members supporting operations worldwide. The Lumileds environment is fast-paced, cutting-edge, intelligent and fun! We are looking for exceptional talent to join our team! To learn more, visit Lumileds.com



我们寻找和我们一起推进光的边界的伙伴共同致力于汽车,手机,物联网以及通用照明解决方案的开发。历经百年的业界首创历程, Lumileds是一家全球性的照明解决方案公司,帮助世界各地的客户提供差异化的解决方案,并且保持着自己的竞争优势。作为氙气技术的发明者、卤素照明的先驱和高性能Led的领导者,Lumileds将创新、质量和可靠性融入其技术、产品和每一位客户的合作中Lumileds和它的客户一起,用光使世界变得更美好、更安全、更美丽。


总部位于荷兰,目前全球大约有9000名员工。Lumileds的工作环境是高效的, 前沿的,智慧的和充满乐趣。我们期待优秀的人才加入我们的团队! 请登陆lumileds.com了解更多信息



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Position Summary(职位概述)

1,  Continue improve process ability and stability. 2, New project input and relative equipment repairing. 3, Maintenance plan execution, which should contains cleaning, lubrication and other daily maintenance items. 4,  Spare part management, which should contains spare part using and spare part statistic. 5,  Equipment production efficiency and running stability improvement. 6, Production line reject rate reduce continually. 7, Long term action analysis and process improvement continually. 8, WI, OCAP, SOP and other technical document making. 9, TPM participate and operator training.

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