Test Engineer #Internship #SGunited Traineeship

IN Intern Singapore (City), Singapore


Internship / SGunited Traineeship Title:

Test Engineer

Internship / SGunited Traineeship Description:

Test Engineering section is part of the Yield Engineering Department which is responsible for all Test Development & Sustaining Engineering activities in Singapore. We support the R&D teams on the New Product Development and Manufacturing team in the overall sustaining and continuous improvement of the Test processes and equipment to meet the company’s AOP targets and roadmap. Our vision is to constantly innovate and transform to achieve breakthrough improvement in areas such as Cost, Quality, Capacity, Availability, and Cycle Time. In this journey, you will be introduced to the LED Wafer-Level Test Processes, Equipment, and Test Programs.

Software programming knowledge on one or a few of C++/C#/Perl/Python/VB/.Net is desirable for the role of a Test Engineer.

Specific / SGunited Traineeship Responsibilities:

To equip you with the basic knowledge and skills, you will be assigned a series of training which consist of New Hire Onboarding   Curriculum, System Training (MES, PDM, YE Portal) and Automotive Core Tools   (SPC, FMEA, MSA, etc).

Functional Module Training on   Basic LED Test & Measurement Techniques, Parametric and Optical Screening   for LEDs, Test Prober Operation and Maintenance, Standard Operating   Procedures, Calibration Lab Functions, Test Systems Accuracy, Test Programs   & Test Data Processing

The training will be conducted in 70:20:10 Learning Model whereby 10% will be based on formal Classroom/Web-based learning, 20% through Social learning such as Mentoring and Coaching and 70% on Experiential/Self learning based on the available documents/archives, attend and participate in working meetings and hands-on training.

The working meetings will allow you to gain in-depth understanding of the Operations and get familiarised and interact with the various key functions such as Manufacturing, Yield,   Quality, Integration, and Planning. 

The meetings include:

o Daily Morning Shift Hand Over Meeting

o Daily Operation Meeting

o Monthly SPC Meeting

o Monthly Capacity Meeting

o Weekly Meetings with Development Teams

o MRB/CAPA, EWR, LCO Meetings (per assigned   by Mentor/Manager)

Technical Skills and Competencies Trainee will learn during the Internship / SGunited Traineeship Programme:

After the training, you will be assigned to work on one of the development projects where you are responsible to work on Hardware Design & Development, Test Program Development/Update, Test Data Processing set up and Test recipe creation. Your progress will be reviewed and assessed by your assigned Mentor and report up to your Manager on a monthly basis. At the end of your traineeship, you will be required to provide a report on your training and suggest recommendations for any improvement as part of the continuous improvement program.