Senior Layout Artist

CG Artist London, United Kingdom


Position at Industrial Light & Magic


The Layout Team acts as a central hub for all shot preparation to ensure continuity and camera accuracy in CG elements including match-moving, match-animating, layout and performance re-targeting.
Match-moving is the replication of the real set, camera and camera move within the computer for later use by animators and technical directors. Each shot in which 3D computer graphics are to be added begins with a match-move. Often this includes manipulating both 2D and 3D elements, while maintaining accurate camera perspective.
Match-animation is the replication of movement of objects, characters and animals. These are then used for either manipulation or interaction with CG components such as modified form, particle effects and casting shadows.
Layout is anything that deviates from what was shot on set. This includes restaging, retiming, blending and adjusting cameras to achieve a new camera move to fulfil the client brief. In some cases, shots might be entirely computer generated with no live action background elements.

Facial Capture and Performance Retargeting uses in house software to retarget an actors full body or facial performance on to a CG character.

On any given day, your primary responsibilities and accountabilities will include:

• Track plates to solve camera moves and calculate lens distortion on both spherical and anamorphic plates. Understand and utilise information and material gathered on set.

• Track and solve rigid objects and match-animate actors using rigs and witness cameras to recreate onset action accurate in both camera and world space.

• Model proxy set geometry using photogrammetry techniques in the absence of LIDAR to assist camera solves and provide an environment for animators and technical directors to work in.

• Adjust camera positions and animation to fulfil client briefs and match pre-viz. Work closely with the Layout Supervisor to ensure final camera move and workflow is legitimate with surrounding shots in the sequence.

• Originate entirely CG camera animation and block out the scene for downstream departments.

• Assist with the solving and editing of facial motion capture data as and when required. Work closely with the Facial Supervisor to ensure actors performances are honoured and successfully retargeted onto a character. This involves a mix of traditional match move, observation and subjective refinement requiring a good eye for detail.

• Deliver high quality work within established targets. Work with supervisors and production to estimate project schedules.

• Support and advise other artists while liaising with other departments to ensure work is consistent and suitable for the task.

• Maintain an expert level of knowledge about current developments in Match-move tools for computer graphics, especially in areas that relate to the film industry.

Here are the skills and experience you need to be successful in this role:

• Experience as an artist, animator, or camera operator.

• Ability to reproduce exact camera moves within a computer environment.

• Understanding of photography and the effects of different lenses on perspectives.

• Attention to detail and strong problem solving skills.

• Good written and oral communication skills including strong interpersonal skills and a high level of professionalism.

• Ability to work under pressure and take direction under tight production schedules.

• Experience of working in a live action VFX pipeline.

• Experience in gathering information on location for match-move is a plus.

• Sharp eyes for motion, timing and expression a big plus for facial related work.

• Advanced knowledge of a 3D software package such as Maya or 3dsMax.

• Advanced knowledge of a tracking software package such as 3DEqualizer, Pf Track or SynthEyes Exposure to LINUX OS.

• Must have the ability and willingness to learn new in house proprietary software.

• Exposure to motion capture, particularly facial work, is a big plus.

• Ability to catch, analyse and identify technical issues.

You will spend the majority of your day at a computer, approximately 95% of your working time.

Time at a computer is seated, although standing desk options are available and supported. Computer navigation is through a keyboard, mouse and/or a pen and tablet.

This position is with Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. LLC, which is part of a business segment we call Industrial Light & Magic. Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. LLC is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, colour, religion or belief, sex, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partner status, disability or pregnancy or maternity. Disney fosters a business culture where ideas and decisions from all people help us grow, innovate, create the best stories and be relevant in a rapidly changing world.