Senior Core Pipeline Developer (Media)

Production Technology (R&D, PE, Pipeline) London, United Kingdom


Position at Industrial Light & Magic

Position Summary

Production Engineering is a globally distributed team that develops tools and workflows which act as the foundational infrastructure for ILM’s other departments. As a member of PE’s Media team, your focus will be on the software and pipelines that ILM uses:

  • Ingest media from our clients, such as plates, reference imagery, and media from client side editorial
  • Process and package finished work for delivery back to our clients
  • Process, track, and review media generated internally by our artists
  • Keep our internal editorial data in sync with client side editorial

Primary Responsibilities

  • Responsible for leading development projects for new workflows and/or tools
  • Communicates with artists and productions to determine technical requirements and disseminate information regarding project status
  • Exercises independent judgment in methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining a goal
  • May have singular responsibility for a project
  • Coordinate activities of others as a project lead
  • Advises/assists other engineers with maintenance and bug fixing of existing tools
  • Serves as knowledge resource for workflow and tools used in production at ilm
  • Updates and features additions to existing tools
  • Provide support to local productions to keep the pipeline running smoothly
  • Troubleshoot pipeline issues
  • Provide training and assistance to artists on toolsets and workflows
  • Expected to lead discussions surrounding future workflow and tool development
  • Collaborates with artists and productions to develop efficient workflows and supporting tools
  • Participate in the activities of the globally distributed production engineering team, including:
  • Development and support activities
  • Regular status and planning meetings as time zones permit
  • Adhere to development best practices and standards defined by production engineering supervisor

Education / Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or advanced degree in computing science or graphics discipline, or equivalent professional experience
  • 6-10 years of experience in the visual effects or computer animation industries

Required Skills / Technical Competencies

  • A positive, “can-do” attitude with balance: must not be afraid to ask for help when getting outside experience base or comfort zone
  • A clear and concise communicator: ability to keep end users informed of progress and managers informed of requests
  • An effective listener: able to engage with and understand artists to discover what their requirements are
  • An effective time manager: must be able to prioritize a multitude of requests and not be afraid to ask for help if the path isn’t clear
  • Passionate about delivering rigorous follow-through on assigned tasks
  • An agile, flexible and quick thinker: this is an energetic, dynamic environment requiring an ability to adapt to rapidly changing requirements
  • A creative thinker and innovator: able to devise and employ ingenious solutions to difficult problems
  • A passionate and charismatic leader: ability to inspire and motivate
  • Expert knowledge of python programming and the linux environment
  • In-depth knowledge of C++
  • Experience working with revision control systems and defined coding standards
  • Experience with video encoding and color management in Vfx, animation, or commercial production
  • Expert knowledge of developing tools and/or plugins within industry software packages such as Rv, nuke, and avid media composer
  • In-depth knowledge of open standards such as Opencolorio, Openimageio, ffmpeg

Preferred Skills / Technical Competencies

  • Experience working with relational databases
  • Familiarity with using rest apis and designing web services