Junior Matchmove/Layout Artist

CG Artist Vancouver, BC


Position at Industrial Light & Magic

The Junior Matchmove/Layout Artist is responsible for creating camera moves and rough blocking within a digital environment.

When live-action photography is involved, the Junior Layout Artist accurately recreates the set, camera moves, and actor performances to allow for seamless effects integration.

In the CG Layout process, Camera matchmoves and original CG camera moves are integrated to create the framework of each Sequence (matchmoving is the replication of the real set, camera and camera move within the computer for later use by animators and technical directors).

Often this includes manipulating both 2d and 3d elements, while maintaining accurate camera perspective. In some cases a sequence might be entirely Computer Generated with no live action background elements.

The Junior Layout Artist works as part of the larger layout team which acts as a central hub for all shot preparation to ensure continuity and camera accuracy in CG Elements.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Troubleshoot flow of shotwork in/out of department.
  • Ability to work under pressure and deadlines.
  • Entry level shot work for camera tracking, character matching (matchanim), solving lens distortion, creative camera work and deformation matching of surfaces.
  • Strong communication and follow through; proactive, self-sufficient individual.
  • Responsible for escalation of tech issues to appropriate show or tech group.
  • Understands the process of setting up a new shot.
  • Understands the process of 2D tracking and solving the camera, exporting and matching them.

Reporting Relationship

  • Reports to the Talent Manager, Matchmove/Layout and receives daily oversight and direction from the Matchmove/Layout Supervisor.

Job Requirements

  • At least two years of relevant VFX experience and at least a college level diploma or higher in computer graphics, fine arts, design, or photography, or related field; OR at least three years of relevant professional VFX experience in lieu of education.
Required Skills/Competencies
  • Ability to reproduce exact camera moves within a computer environment.
  • Understanding of photography and the effects of different lenses on perspectives.
  • Excellent problem solving skills including the ability to work under tight deadlines.
  • Strong English communication skills
Preferred Skills and Technical Competencies
  • Scripting knowledge (Python, Mel) a plus.
  • Experience with stereoscopic camera tracking desired. 
  • Advanced knowledge of Linux, Maya and 3dEqualizer is required.
  • A demo reel or portfolio demonstrating a strong understanding of camera tracking is required.