Art Director

Art Department London, United Kingdom


Position at Industrial Light & Magic

Position Summary

The Art Director is responsible for interpreting ideas communicated by the Director/Key Creative of a show(s) into concept art for Feature Film and Television work.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Responsible for creating or providing concept art, photo reference, and video reference to communicate ideas and develop goals for the design and look of a show(s)
  • Provides conceptual paintovers and look direction for sequences and key shots for directorial approval. Art work is then used as a template for CG artists to complete work
  • Provides creative direction and feedback to a team of concept artists, supervising the creation of artwork and materials; leads team to stay on schedule
  • Oversees the creation of CG assets from Concept art, ensuring design continuity through the production process
  • Responsible for interacting directly with clients, including Directors and Production Designers during production periods and at spec and bid work phases; ensures first unit production design and aesthetic is carried through post production and refined according to the director’s vision
  • Partners with CG leadership, ensuring work is done according to the specifications of Director/Key Creatives
  • Tracks and archives all work including project files, renders, source images, and textures
  • Partners with production on bids and scheduling, proactively raising concerns and offering solutions when necessary
  • Actively participates in dailies and transmissions

Education / Experience

  • ­Bachelor’s degree and/or proven industry related experience.
  • Experience in Film or Video Effects and/or Film production, including knowledge of cinematic techniques, language and shot composition
  • Full portfolio demonstrating high-level art skills and breadth of subject matter.

Required Skills / Competencies

  • ­Developed “eye” and strong aesthetic
  • Clear understanding of anatomy and motion of organic and mechanical forms.
  • Demonstrated understanding and creation of a variety of styles and techniques.
  • Experience creating environments, hard surface, and creature design
  • Ability to work closely with CG leadership and within a production environment
  • Ability to support different productions with various design needs
  • Ability to work under pressure while implementing changes based on input from multiple sources
  • Excellent organizational skills.

Required Technical Skills

  • ­Proficiency in design software required (Photoshop, ZBrush Sketch-up, Modo, etc.)
  • Ability to assemble research and reference material that will be influential to clients and design team