Junior Layout / Matchmove Artist

CG Artist London, United Kingdom


Position at Industrial Light & Magic

Position Summary

The Junior Layout/Matchmove Artist will be part of the Layout Team which acts as a central hub for all shot preparation to ensure continuity and camera accuracy in CG elements including; match move, layout and performance retargeting. This role can suit an entry level graduate looking for their first role in the industry, as well as Junior level artists with commercial experience.

Matchmoving is the replication of the real set, camera move, actor body and facial performance within the computer for later use by animators and technical directors. Each shot in which 3D computer graphics are to be added begins with a matchmove.

Often this includes manipulating both 2D and 3D elements, while maintaining accurate camera perspective and, in the case of body and facial capture, working with character rigs and in-house software to faithfully reproduce a live performance on a CG character.

Layout is anything that deviates from what was shot on set. This includes restaging, retiming, blending and adjusting cameras to achieve a new camera move to fulfill the client brief. Matchmove Artists may also assist in initial staging of CG actors and assets in a shot. In some cases shots might be entirely computer generated with no live action background elements.

Education / Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience as an artist, animator, or camera operator.

Required Skills / Competencies

  • Overall general knowledge about the film making process, including cameras, lenses and plates with an understanding of the effects of different lenses on perspectives.
  • Ability to reproduce exact camera moves within a computer environment.
  • Adjust camera positions and animation to fulfill client briefs and match previz. Work closely with the Layout Supervisor to ensure final camera move and workflow is legitimate with surrounding shots in the sequence.
  • Ability to track and solve rigid objects and matchanimate actors using rigs and witness cameras to recreate onset action accurate in both camera and world space.
  • Ability to solve and edit facial motion capture data. Work closely with the Facial Supervisor to ensure actors performances are faithfully reconstructed. This involves a mix of traditional match move, observation and refinement, requiring a good eye for detail and an appreciation of facial motion, timing and expression.
  • Requires an enthusiastic appetite for problem solving, while learning new software and workflows based on training documents and video tutorials.
  • Ability to work well independently and as part of a team.
  • Excellent communication skills as the role requires constant dialogue with the team lead, the team, production and other departments.
  • Good time management in order to keep on schedule.

Required Technical Skills

  • Experience in a 3d software package (such as Maya) and show confidence with the interface, modelling and sculpting.
  • Knowledge of a tracking software package such as 3DEqualizer, Pf Track or SynthEyes
  • Exposure to LINUX OS.
  • Must have the ability and willingness to learn new in house proprietary software.
  • Exposure to motion capture and facial work is a big plus.