Bidding Producer

Production London, United Kingdom


Position at Industrial Light & Magic

Primary Responsibilities

  • Meet with clients to review scripts, breakdowns and storyboards. Collaborate with Key Creatives to develop an approach for creating the effects work and create competitive bids according to the needs of the clients and to fulfill the collective global vision.
  • Collaborate with Heads of Global Studios to manage bids among Producers. Hold Bid Kick-off Meetings to discuss capacity plan, show leadership, coordinated testing and artwork, deadlines, fiscal targets, contacts and deadlines.
  • Review and analyze bids for methodology relative to historical averages and for quality assurance in each aspect of the bid. Provide feedback to the bidding Producers. Work with new production talent and provide training and supervision for bidding.
  • Review bid letters. Follow bids through bidding phases to assure proper documentation of key assumptions and subsequent document requirements.
  • Establish and maintain guidelines and reference for Producers who are bidding new projects. Provide feedback on bids. Maintain ILM Best Practices reference document on LOIS.
  • Collaborate with Marketing Associate to maintain and overall bidding calendar/schedule with key dates and deadlines and bid review schedules.
  • Strategize about the placement of work across the Global Studios and Third Party Partners. Work with Planning and Production Finance to evaluate Global Studio capacity. Work with Talent Managers for short term capacity evaluation.
  • Maintain a strong understanding of tax incentives in various geographies.
  • Participate in Portfolio meetings.
  • Participate in Marketing and Capacity meetings.
  • Meet with R&D regularly to keep pace with technological advancements and assure advancements are cross collateralized between projects and/or are factored into new bids. Consult with R&D regarding new development items needed for upcoming work.
  • Communicate with Media Operations regarding the status and technical requirements of shows in bid. Provide data to inform their technical resource forecasting. Receive data pertaining to projects with exceptional technical resource requirements for cost estimating and documenting in the bids.
  • Attend meetings that shape the global vision of our studios. Meetings may include: studio specific marketing meetings to discuss new business pitches, coordinating efforts between studio, talent capacity and what work to target for each studio, and current bid status; Show Sups, to integrate the planning into the bidding stages; strategy meetings with EIC, Global Studio to discuss Producer and production management capacity.
  • Meet with Producers during and after a production to gather actualized information about production methodology to better inform future bidding.
  • Work with Production Accounting to generate consistent post show data.
  • Work with IT to establish a tag-able, searchable Show Image Archive with associated BVAs.
  • Work with IT Create and maintain a consolidated and centralized BVA database

Education / Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in Film, Art, Communications or related field or equivalent work experience required

Required Skills / Competencies

  • Must have proven experience as a Producer on feature films or visual effects
  • Must have a specific understanding of visual effects techniques, scheduling and throughput
  • Understanding of ILM production processes a plus
  • Must have proven ability to delegate to, mentor and actively manage production staff
  • Proficiency in Macs/PCs including Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Must possess very strong organizational and communication skills and be able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner while meeting deadlines.
  • Prior experience performing complex detailed analysis and reporting
  • Ability to manage sensitive and confidential situations effectively and professionally
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Strong self-directed work ethic
  • Proven ability to work efficiently, effectively as part of a team, and independently where assigned
  • Proven ability to think critically and anticipate potential situations
  • Proven ability to interact effectively within department, across and outside the organization.