Junior Generalist

CG Artist San Francisco, CA


Position at Industrial Light & Magic

Position Summary

Junior Generalists demonstrate a strong base of knowledge in 3D Computer Generated Imagery creation. They must display proficiency in some and a varied skill level across most of the areas of model, texture, shading/look development, basic hard surface animation, and lighting as well as the ability to composite their own work. They work both individually and within a team, with tasks ranging from completing everything on a small number of shots to working on specific tasks within a larger body of work and their work is subject to close supervisory review at frequent intervals. Successful candidates can model, texture, shade, light, look development and composite CG images or shots. However candidates will be considered if they demonstrate themselves to be exceptional in only one area, as long as they have some experience in all others and are willing to learn.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Day-to-day show support
  • Responsible for escalation of tech issues to appropriate show or tech group
  • Strong communication and follow-through
  • Strong artistic skills; some background in visual arts a plus
  • Ability to work under pressure and deadlines
  • Collaboration with stage team may be required
  • Potential need to work across multiple projects/productions at any given time
  • Entry level shot work, time permitting, which might include:
    • simple sequence-based lighting/rendering tasks
    • rendering env map/360 spheres for TDs to render against
    • basic model and texture tweaks.
    • HDRI environment map stitching and organization
  • Quality control of files and scenes from outsource vendors
  • Documentation
  • Render tuning
  • Sequencer work
  • Software testing
  • Updating Tophat/Tophat Organization

Education / Experience

  • Degree or 1-2 years relevant experience (professional OR amateur) in one or more of the following fields: Computer Graphics, Fine Arts, Design or Photography
  • Some entry level knowledge of MAX/Maya modelling tools and some Photoshop/Mari texturing painting skill

Required Skills / Competencies

  • Proven ability in one or more CG techniques, including modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, look development, or compositing


  • Proven artistic ability in a non-CG field (impressive portfolio of figure drawing, landscape, animals, painting, composition, perspective, photography, etc.)
  • Exhibits strong teamwork and interdisciplinary thinking

Required Technical Skills / Competencies

  • 0-5+ years feature film experience preferred
  • Fluent in Photoshop
  • Fluent in 3dsmax, Maya or similar
  • Fluent in Vray or MRay or similar raytrace renderer
  • Comparable software experience considered
  • Nuke
  • Linux and Python scripting or shader authoring preferred; C++ skills also applicable
  • Some Substance/Unreal experience preferred

*Demo reel required*