VFX Associate Producer (AP)

Production Vancouver, BC


Position at Industrial Light & Magic


- With VFX Producer and key VFX creatives, creates and communicates main show schedule, including pre-production, VFX assets and VFX shot production
- Under the guidance of VFX Producer, manages budget for assigned VFX shows
- Guides, manages and mentors VFX Production Managers (PM), VFX Production Coordinators (Coord) and VFX Production Assistants (PA)
- Steps up where necessary to act as “right hand” to VFX Producer in case of absence, attending bi-weekly production meetings, escalating show issues to EIC etc
- In partnership with VFX Producer and VFX Production Accountant, regularly checks EFC to ensure work is on budget
- Organizes and runs VFX bidding meetings as needed
- Manages the change order process
- In partnership with VFX Producer, VFX Supervisor: define global leadership needs, outlines basic roles and responsibilities during pre-production
- Oversees internal shot turnover process, including shot creation in production tracking system
- Creates, maintains and communicates VFX crew ramps to VFX Talent Managers, VFX Producer, Show Leadership and production teams
- Attends VFX CG Status meetings, works with VFX Talent Managers on VFX crew conflicts
- Drives, updates and regularly communicates changes on show schedule and deliveries
- Works with Coords on creating, updating and communicating their VFX department schedules, ensures deadlines and budgets are met
- Prepares and runs weekly show update meetings (hallway)
- Oversees all deliveries, both physical and digital, using secured delivery system, keeps an eye on log of all deliveries
- Produces Weekly Status Reports, including all show statistics for VFX Producer, communicates to relevant parties
- Acts as PM on shows where budget does not permit both AP and PM
- Evaluates performance of supervisors, leads and production team in relation to their output and productivity


- At discretion of VFX Producer, where required, engages and communicates with VFX client on non-budget related items such as VFX show schedule, VFX TO schedules, VFX deliveries, etc
- Assists VFX Producer in maintaining and updating Bidcast with latest bids
- Communicates closely with global AP and/or PM on bid updates, Shotgun and/or Prodcast ingests, overall schedule and priorities, TO dates, various delivery dates etc


- Plans with VFX Supervisors and VFX Producer for VFX work to be outsourced to 3PP
- Proactively looks for opportunities to send VFX work to 3PP during capacity constraints at ILM
- Helps identify 3PP vendors appropriate for body of VFX work
- Prepares 3PP bidding packages, spearhead 3PP cost analysis and weekly cost reporting
- Works with Global Production and Business Affairs to award work to vendors
- Serves as point person for 3PP vendor communication
- Problem-solves and raises concerns in all aspects of vendor relations
- Creates, organizes and maintains project schedule for all work executed at 3PP
- Manages the budget and EFC for all 3PP work, meets or exceeds budget and schedule targets
- Provides support as liaison with 3PP vendors for technical and creative issues that arises to ensure work stays on schedule and optimal workflow is adhered to
- Manages change order process
- Manages client contact related to 3PP


Previous experience as a VFX Production Manager on multiple shows and displayed the following abilities:
- a proven solution-driven decision-maker
- responds proactively to unforeseen changes to any agreed plans
- understands the bigger picture of a show as well as the even larger picture of being part of a global company
- justifies and problem-solves schedule/manweeks changes and fully understands its impact on budget
- helping out new PMs, working with the PM group to ensure all shows run smoothly
- communicate efficiently with 3PP or client
- successfully manage and resolve miscommunications, conflict, other
- mentoring PAs, Coords and PMs
- Familiarity with financial scenarios, understands changes that impacts finances such as changes to VFX methodology
- Highly skilled communicator, must include communication experience across multiple sites or 3PP
- Solid command of production VFX scheduling and tracking
- Solid understanding of the VFX pipeline workflow
- Able to multi-task and work in a fast paced, high pressured environment without losing composure
- Fluent in Microsoft Office, particularly Excel and Project, as well as Linux is a must
- At ease engaging in higher level conversations