HW/FW QA Engineer

Engineering Hsinchu, Taiwan


Position at Logitech

  • Comfortable setting up environments in order to debug customer/field issues and working with support and Development to troubleshoot and isolate the issue. This includes comfort with video/audio calling applications using various peripherals connected to different computes: PC/MAC/Chromeboxes/Linux

  • Able to set up test systems to support various audio/video applications, and to recommend areas of improvements and enhancements. Given limited information, curious and creative to reproduce issues as well as comfortable asking questions to get more details.

  • Exposure to debugging tools like Wireshark, USB analyzers, Audacity to capture logs/data.

  • Comfortable with LINUX and Android commands to debug and gather logs for embedded systems.

  • Being able to extract and create Firmware Test Plan by reviewing marketing document (PRD) and update it during the course of a project. This test plan can be PC/MAC related or iOS/Android, etc.

  • Experience with automation and scripting on PC and MAC.

  • With limited supervision able to create, enhance, execute test cases and plans

  • Able to confirm test execution, and the ability to suggest additional supporting efforts.

  • Being able to execute tests and able to distinguish between Hardware failures, Firmware failures, problems coming for the Host, or network environment.

  • Proven track record of testing HW peripherals like cameras, webcam, audio devices like speaker phones, headsets, earbuds on PC;s. MAC’s, Embedded solutions, and mobile devices, and being able to report and gather important information to debug and pass on to Development.

  • Comfortable using JIRA and Zephyr for issue reporting and test case management.

  • Familiar with using general mobile device to interact with devices via Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi, and using mobile applications to interact with our devices.

  • Not afraid to take chances and being able to justify why?

  • Comfortable working with the Production Line to solve issues, and debug failures based on what has been reported.

  • Being able to reproduce issues reported by the field, or as needed during product release and regression.

  • Working directly with team members overseas.