Spring Internship Program - Optical and Sensing Technology Intern -Optical/Electro-Optical/Physics/Material background

Intern Hsinchu, Taiwan


Your Contribution:
Be Yourself. Be Open. Stay Hungry and Humble. Collaborate. Challenge. Decide and just Do. These are the behaviors you’ll need for success at Logitech. In this role you will

  • You will be contributing to develop the deadfront solution with high transmittance.
  • You will conduct the development from exploring academic journals/conference papers to scouting potential suppliers, and then come out with a design meeting the target of performance.
  • You will widely review all states of the art and come out with a synthetic catalog solution.

Key Qualifications:
For consideration, you must bring the following minimum skills and behaviors to our team:

  • Knowledge of optical science
  • Knowledge of optical coating 
  • Knowledge of material science 
  • Knowledge of physics
  • Optical coating design & simulation
  • IMD(in mold decoration), IMF(in mold forming) process
  • Fast prototyping
  • Optical experiment

In addition, preferable skills and behavior

  • Be able to communicate in English, writing, and speaking.
  • full time with > 3 full days/week. 

Bachelor or graduate degree in Optical Engineering, Electro-Optical Sciences, Electro-Optical Engineering, Physics or Material Science & Engineering.