Head of High School

School Administration New York, New York


General Summary:

  • Oversees day-to-day operations of the upper school divisions, grades 9-12.
  • Observes, supervises, and helps evaluate the faculty in the development and implementation of the LMPS Academic Plan; supervises the teaching process and reviews and evaluates the academic programs.
  • Collaborates, supervises, and supports directors, and guides the academic program PreK-12, including curriculum, faculty hiring, professional development, academic schedule, and faculty evaluation.
  • Represents high school in Head of School Absence

 Essential Duties:

  • Serves as the educational leader of the school, responsible for its day-to-day operations; directs the activities of the members of the staff in the performance of their duties.
  • Assists the Head of School in internal and external matters and other school functions as deemed necessary by the Head of School.
  • Oversees the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
  • Fully integrates international boarding program and students in the life of the school.
  • Functions as the primary voice of the school divisions’ mission, programs, expectations, behavioral guidelines, and other information necessary to ensure that all constituencies are fully informed.
  • Creates and maintains approved budget and plans and spends accordingly.
  • Provides an orderly, controlled environment in which learning can take place, a school climate which is supportive and reflects high morale.
  • Creates an optimal faculty culture and teaching practices across the school, involving collaborating with division and department heads to design and instill best practices.
  • Maintains a visible presence on campus.
  • Serves as the academic leader of the school, oversees adherence to the LMPS Academic Plan, academic advising and college counseling programs; monitors student academic progress; coordinates the efforts of department chairs and faculty committees, etc;
  • Creates and maintains master schedule in compliance with accreditation standards.
  • Facilitates team meetings and professional development for curriculum and instruction.
  • Articulates and measures performance of administrators and faculty related to school goals, department goals, course objectives, materials, methods and means of assessment.
  • Ensures compliance with legal regulations; maintains the education standards for school accreditation.
  • Maintains safe, secure, and healthy educational environment by establishing, following, and enforcing standards and procedures, complying with school, legal regulations.
  • Makes recommendation to the Head of School regarding the hire, retention, and assignment of faculty.
  • Contributes as a member of Administrative Collaborative Team and Curriculum Council.
  • Assists in the admission process for the testing, interviewing, and evaluation of applicants for enrollment.
  • Maintains an open-door policy with parents, students, and faculty.
  • Establishes programs for the orientation of new teachers, in-service training; conducts regular meetings with faculty; coaches individual faculty members on classroom performance and provides necessary feedback and resources for teacher professional growth.
  • Creates an environment of collaboration through respect and recognition of individual differences and the special abilities and strengths of each teacher.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with professional placement organizations.
  • Oversees the coordination of the co-curricular and extra-curricular activity programs of the school; assists in the planning and the presentation of school assemblies and programs; assists in maintaining a comprehensive calendar of school events; keeps the school community informed of various school programs and activities.
  • Ensures maintenance of complete academic records for all students.
  • Ensures buildings are clean and in good repair, reports problems as necessary.

 Qualities and Experiences

 Education required:  Master’s Degree in the field of education

 Relevant experiences desired:

  • Administrative experience in a high-performing school
  • Three years’ experience in a principal (or equivalent) role
  • IB Diploma Program experience as a teacher, coordinator and/or division head
  • Teaching experience
  • Experience interpreting and using standardized test data to inform instruction, and personal learning plans
  • Knowledge and experience developing and assessing curriculum using curriculum mapping software
  • Experience with integration of educational technology
  • Excellent written communication, public speaking, and presentation skills
  • Strong skills in both leadership and management
  • Global mindedness; multi-cultural sensitivity
  • Technology skills
  • Collaboration management style