Where Your Ideas Matter

At LiveVox, we believe trust and communication go hand in hand. LiveVox creates a comprehensive environment where your skills and career growth are consistently brought to the forefront and turned into a path to success. LiveVox is about investing in people who are driven to create innovative communications solutions that power business success through brilliant consumer engagement.

We understand that creating tomorrow’s technology requires the ability to leverage cutting-edge software tools, a global workforce, freedom to explore, and support to succeed. LiveVox innovators across India, Colombia, and the U.S. are empowered with a team structure that drives individual leadership and leverages the latest software capabilities, such as Postgress, React, and AWS services.

At LiveVox, we challenge each other, we depend on each other and most importantly, we trust each to drive progress. “Trust Fall” Anyone? We’re here to catch you. Now is the time to make your voice heard.

Hear Our Voices!

Jason Queener

Senior Director of Business Consulting

It's about the people. We have done some incredible things over the years and the growth has been amazing. One time, my team went to visit one of our largest customers in hope to solve a pretty complex issue they had been dealing with. After throwing out crazy ideas, we eventually hit a home run and celebrated like we just won the super bowl. Silly, but a great representation of our teamwork.

Geeta Yelburgi

Manager, Development Operations

I started with LiveVox in 2009 and love my job because of the work culture here. The whole team works together to make it happen. Teams support each other and it truly creates a family environment. I left LiveVox in 2012, but returned within a year. At LiveVox, we have the freedom to exhibit our skills and this is appreciated and recognized. LiveVox’ positive organizational culture has been key to my feeling motivated and inspired.

Jason Luster

Director, Infrastructure as a Service

Livevox has been one of the most rewarding and dynamic work places I’ve experienced. I started with LiveVox in 2012 as a Sr. Systems Administrator. After being promoted 4 times across several departments, today I lead a strategic function reporting to our SVP, Tech Ops. There are constant opportunities to learn and grow professionally here. Plus, I get to work with some amazing people around the world.

Stephanie Trinh

Director, Corporate Marketing

In 2010, I started my journey at LiveVox as a Marketing specialist with a vision of what I wanted my career to be like but not quite understanding the full extent of my capabilities. Since then, my experience at LiveVox has been like participating in a continuous incubator where I could challenge, grow, and evolve my capabilities with the support and expertise of those around me. I am a testament to the efficacy of the ‘LiveVox Way’ and encourage those who are seeking an environment for rapid growth and innovation to join us.

Juan Toro

Senior Staff Software Engineer

At LiveVox, it's about constant challenges in a fabulous environment. LiveVox has helped me identify which areas I enjoy working on, and from there pushed me to improve upon those skills. This year I was invited to present on a subject close to my heart at our Engineering Summit at Lake Tahoe, California. At that moment, I began to feel I was really making a difference to the company.

Angela Fairfax

Senior Manager & HR Business Partner, N.A.

This is the first company I have worked for where the Executive leadership team is so transparent and where the people I work with care as much as I do about their quality of work. It pushes me to want to be better. I love the opportunities and challenges my role brings. I learn something new every day and no day is ever the same here.

Srinivas Kiran Jaggu

Senior Staff Software Engineer

In the 6 years I’ve worked at LiveVox I’ve been most happy with the technical and team environment that is conducive to innovation and growth. We have an energetic leadership team that provides constant opportunities to work on a variety of challenges. This is what drives me.

Angelica Gomez

Manager, Software QA Engineering

I feel very proud of the people I work with: smart, experienced, and most important, always willing to help. At LiveVox, I've developed strong technical and leadership skills which has fueled my job satisfaction and career growth into a leadership role. One of the most exciting and memorable moments I've had at Livevox was a tricky datacenter migration in a production environment. Thanks to the team collaboration and communication, we performed the switch with a low client impact, thrilling our customers.

LiveVox Global Experience

Travel and Cultural Exchange

LiveVox believes in Collaboration and development of ideas. Every year we hold our Global Engineering Summit to make sure these ideas come together and be heard. Teams from engineering, technical operations and product teams gather somewhere in the world and bring forward the future of LiveVox’s vision. To better understand our customers their needs, but also to ensure long lasting relationships we hold 2 annual Sales Kick-Off events broadly attended by people in sales, marketing, services, G&A and product. And yes, we do have the opportunity for traveling to work at different LiveVox offices!

Rewards and Recognition

Work should be fair, and that means we believe in having competitive compensation, benefits and perks. Being at home with your family and spending time to reinvigorate yourself is important. In support, LiveVox offers generous time-off policies to refresh and recharge. Along your journey with us we want to recognize your time with us and respect it with tenure awards and more!

Career Experience and Development

Training and development bring the teams further insight into their career and themselves. One way we achieve this is through our Technical training programs and certifications in Pluralsight. But in general, we work on employee and leader development in data driven innovation, communications, coaching and people management. Since you can learn a lot here, and we want you to, frequent opportunities arise to apply for other teams. We believe strongly in building your next move, and are pro-active on internal job transfers and internal promotion processes.