Regional Teacher - Child Care Centers

Corporate Boston, Massachusetts


Position at Little Sprouts

Regional ECE Teacher Team


Purpose: Regional ECE Teaching Team (RETT), would consist of a small team of certified ECE teachers who are regionally-based.


  • Must be EEC Teacher Certified in all ages, I/Todd & Preschool
  • Must have full BRC clearance in MA and be NH fingerprinted
  • Must have own car so traveling from school to school with not be an issue
  • Given the changeable and unpredictable nature of the coverage needs week-to-week, and even day-to-day, they need a high level of flexibility in the RETT schedule and a willingness to travel in inclement weather.
  • Must be in good standing within current role at designated Little Sprouts school

Physical Requirements:

  • Be able to stand on your feet for up to 90% of the day
  • Capable of lifting up to 30 pounds
  • Sit on the floor and scrunch down to meet any child’s needs
  • Perform all activities with the children, including running, jumping etc


Leadership development: RETT teachers have the opportunity to visit multiple schools within a confined geography, and will be exposed to different teaching teams and leadership styles. This will support their own leadership development. Additional leadership tasks

  • Project at all times a positive, upbeat image and attitude
  • Maintain a neat, professional appearance, following Little Sprouts’ Dress Code
  • Relate well to colleagues, being respectful, resourceful, and supportive
  • Clearly articulate expectations, using appropriate language
  • Express concerns directly to individuals involved; Refrain from unprofessional dialogue or gossip
  • Support the vision, goals, and philosophies of the school and Little Sprouts
  • Respect professional boundaries between families and teachers
  • Abide by the confidentiality policies dictated by state regulations and by the company
  • Exert a positive influence while adapting to the unique needs of the school/classroom/students



Classroom Support: RETT teachers must be flexible with working with different ages at all times.  A RETT teacher will not only go into cover for the teacher who is not currently in, he/she will also be a role model in the classroom for fellow peers. Additional classroom support will include but is not limited to


  • Implement daily curriculum plans
  • Exhibit flexibility, implementing and supporting Little Sprouts’ innovative new practices
  • Encourage empathy in children through warm hugs, smiles, and appropriate touches
  • Modulate tone of voice and manner at all times and take steps to avoid inappropriate behavior
  • Support awareness of “fair” and “unfair”
  • Encourage problem-solving and self-help skills in children
  • Offer reminders and choices to foster positive self-esteem development
  • Clean classroom and equipment as needed daily
  • Clean playground and other common areas used by individuals or group



Administrative Responsibilities: All RETT teachers must


  •  Adhere to all EEC standards in the classroom to ensure that children are supervised and safe
  • Follow all company policies and procedures, especially those in the Staff and Family Handbooks
  • Highlight, respond and report  health and safety issues within the classroom and school


Members of RETT will report to the Regional Director and you will receive your weekly schedule from this supervisor.  Please be advised that your schedule could change on a day to day basis when a school suddenly without warning, has numerous call out and/or an emergency. Compensation package will include all full time employee benefits, plus mileage up to capped monthly amount.

Infant Teachers, Toddler Teachers, Preschool Teachers and Child Care Teachers can apply within!

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