Music Therapist

Corporate Lawrence, Massachusetts




Music Therapist


  • Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy or Music Education. Music Therapy or Music Education Board Certified preferred or in the process of acquiring.

  • Previous experience in working with children required. Practicum, internship or volunteer sites accepted as experience.

  • Ability to travel to multiple sites regularly and reliably

  • Must have excellent organizational and initiative-taking skills

  • Must be able to self-direct as well as work as a part of a team

  • Must have great communication and listening skills

  • Must be willing to give and receive feedback in a professional manner

  • Must be adaptable, creative and high energy.


General Duties


  • Travel to personal roster of schools in a timely manner to lead weekly music therapy groups based on Musical Sprouts curriculum and activities. Average of groups per school is 6 to 10, including Dedham, Arlington, Melrose, Wilmington, Andover and Methuen.




  • Lead groups for a minimum of 20 mins for Infants and Toddlers and 30 minutes for Preschool and Kindergarten

  • Will need to prepare for leading groups for at least 2 hours a week. Prep entrails reviewing curriculum making sure you have all necessary props, materials and are well versed in songs and processes for upcoming week

  • Will be responsible for openly communicating with teachers, coaches, executive and associate directors about music class and its happenings.

  • Responsible for personal inventory of instruments, provided by Little Sprouts. Must sanitize and be accountable for them as much as possible.


Team Duties


  • Will attend bi-weekly connections with team leader and other therapists

  • During connection times will be expected to share on the weekly happenings in groups, state of the schools, concerns or celebrations for classrooms or teachers, etc

  • Co-lead workshops with other therapists about music and music therapy for Little Sprouts staff

  • Attend professional development trainings provided by Little Sprouts and research/propose outside development opportunities for team

  • Be available to perform concerts and open-houses for special events with other therapists or independently.

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