Cloud FinOps Engineer

OtherHybrid Remote, Ahmedabad, Gujarat



  • 8 years of information technology, development, or business intelligence/analytics experience.
  • Experience with AWS/AZURE in a solution deployment, architectural, and administrative capacity.
  • Detailed understanding of cost management, billing, and cost optimization techniques in a global multi-account enterprise AWS environment.
  • Detailed understanding of AWS and Azure savings plans, reservations, and their application in a multi-account enterprise environment for services such as EC2, S3, EBS, OpenSearch, RDS, Cost Explorer, Azure Cost Management + Billing, etc.
  • Experience with relational data models and relational database solution implementation.
  • Experience processing and analyzing large data sets (exceeding 10 million records/set) using analytical applications and native tools within AWS.
  • Ability to write original user documentation.