Marketing Science Lead

Brand Strategy New York, New York

As a Strategy team member, you will apply strategic, analytical and creative thinking to solve challenging business, marketing, and brand issues for clients on a daily basis. You will consult across diverse industries, throughout the world and on a range of customer, marketing, and brand-related topics (e.g., segmentation, positioning, customer experience).

As a Marketing Science Lead, you will have the opportunity to shape the design, management, and measurement of existing and new brands, driving changes in the global marketplace. You will be viewed as an authority on the design, analysis, and synthesis of disparate data sources (ranging from primary research to client data warehouses), with the team looking to you for ideas, solutions, and recommendations territories.  You will be further asked to teach, coach, and mentor junior staff who are newer to the realms of data science and marketing science. This role offers exposure to a talented, passionate, and highly interdisciplinary team whilst developing and building some of the world’s leading brands. 

Key responsibilities include:

Designing, analyzing, and synthesizing complex analytics

  • Spearhead the design, analysis, and synthesis of diverse data sources, including quantitative research, qualitative research, and client data warehouses, to help solve our clients’ business challenges 
    • Develop interview guides and surveys
    • Analyze historical customer behavioral and financial data
    • Generate experimental designs for marketing sciences experiments (e.g., conjoint)
    • Leverage analytics tools (e.g., R, Python) and employ statistical techniques such as regression modeling, conjoint modeling, structural equation modeling, etc.
    • Synthesize and analyze data to discern insights that contribute to the team’s understanding of the relationships between customer perceptions, behavior, and lifetime value
  • Participate in the generation of creative hypotheses, with the goal of influencing and monetizing customer behavior
  • Infer implications for the client’s overall business, marketing, and brand strategies

Deliver on client engagements and manage project streams

  • Clearly communicate insights from data analysis to internal and external stakeholders through clear and engaging narratives
  • Support the management of quantitative and qualitative research projects from kick off to delivery
  • Manage time efficiently to monitor and execute project components, including the development of presentations, survey instruments and data analysis for multiple projects at a time
  • Collaborate closely with colleagues from other disciplines (e.g. Strategy, Design, Innovation) to ensure broad understanding of approaches and conclusions
  • Lead and mentor cross functional teams members, providing advice and coaching on advanced marketing science modeling techniques.

Develop new products

  • Follow industry trends and related data/analytics processes and businesses, contributing ideas, actively participating in concepting testing for new campaigns, customer experiences, or business innovations, and learning and adapting to cutting edge technologies in data analysis to drive efficiency
  • Develop processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance and data accuracy
  • Actively contribute to marketing and customer strategy (MCS) initiatives by sharing ideas, preparing presentation materials for internal stakeholders, and product design/business case materials for internal leadership
  • 6+ years or professional experience in marketing analytics and/or data science
  • Graduate degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Marketing, Economics, Math or a related field (or professional experience providing an equal level of accomplishment)
  • Experience employing statistical techniques such as regression modeling, conjoint modeling and structural equation modeling
  • Analysis and synthesis of complex datasets either through tools like SPSS and Excel or statistical computer languages (Python, R)
  • Outstanding communications, writing and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent business intuition, ability to connect the dots between the data and implications for our clients’ businesses
  • Ability to thrive in team situations, actively contributing thinking that enhances and/or challenges key assumptions understanding how to successfully motivate and leverage junior and senior team members
  • Ability to manage small teams with a focus on both the quality of the deliverable as well as the development of more junior team members
  • A passion for problem solving, creative expression and improving the way companies relate to customers
  • A willingness to push your thinking, attack issues from multiple angles and stretch yourself to provide outstanding brand ideas to clients
  • An appetite for learning and wrestling with challenging topics across a diverse range of clients/ industries