Director of Engineering, AI (Dublin, Ireland)

Engineering  |  Dublin, Ireland

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LinkedIn Data Standardization is a global organization operating in multiple locations including Sunnyvale, CA, USA (HQ); San Francisco, CA, USA; New York City, NY, USA; Dublin, Ireland. Through AI and human working together in harmony, Standardization takes LinkedIn’s raw, unstructured economic graph data and produces standardized data that has more human interpretable, less ambiguous and proper semantic structure. Everyday, we standardize PetaBytes of data in a nearly real-time platform, organize them in a Knowledge Graph, and serve them to LinkedIn Recommendation and Search, Ads Targeting, Question & Answering and Data Insights with A/B test control, online/offline data consistency and low serving latency. 

The engineering organization consists of 100+ ML/NLP scientists/engineers, infrastructure and system engineers, linguistic specialists. It is composed of five engineering teams, each with its own area of responsibility, that work synergistically to further our mission. These teams are Taxonomy, Member Data, Job Data, Company Data, and Internationalization. The Taxonomy team is responsible for creating the best professional ontologies for LinkedIn economic entities (titles, skills, companies, products, industries, education, geo locations, certificates etc.) in the world. The other data teams are building the life cycle of data, including ingesting data from Web, developing AI models and data infrastructure to extract/infer economic entities from raw member/job/company data, and proactively interacting with LinkedIn consumers/customers to smartly solicit their data (e.g., evaluating the expertise of LinkedIn members, assessing the qualification of job applicants, verifying the correctness of inferred/ingested data). The Internationalization team is dedicated to developing language-independent models and expanding non-English taxonomies. Our new Dublin team will create accurate and comprehensive company data across the globe for LinkedIn Sales, Marketing and Talent audiences, and build the end-to-end scalable LinkedIn data ingestion platform.

We all collaborate and function as one to create the best and the largest professional Knowledge Graph centered at people in the world with 1B+ nodes and 50B+ edges. Our work directly creates hundreds of millions of annualized revenue in data products like ads targeting, data insights, facet search, profile creation. Our work also provides rich features for Recommendation and Search AI models. 


The engineering organization is developing the state-of-the-art technologies to resolve challenges in data standardization. As the Director, you will:

  • Hire, build, and lead a team of AI Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, and Linguists
  • Define the strategy and set the vision for the newly formed team
  • Partner with and establish clear communication lines with stakeholders in HQ and NYC
  • Build a scalable data ingestion platform that ingests and integrates massive amount of data about companies, schools, products and other organization data from different sources (e.g. licensed vendors, government agencies) to make LinkedIn's knowledge graph more complete, accurate, and reliable.
  • Develop scalable ML/NLP models to conduct entity resolutions and build entity relationships for companies, schools, products, industries etc.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 10 years experience with AI or ML
  • BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science, Statistics or related engineering experience 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Strong background in machine learning and data mining techniques
  • 3+ years managing teams of 20+ individuals
  • Good understanding of large scale engineering systems and some or all of big data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Machine Learning, distributed key-value stores, streaming processes, workflow scheduler, recommender systems, statistical methods, experimental design.
  • Lead by example and inspires the team to perform at a very high level, collaborates very well across different teams. Highly motivated and has the ability to convert vague and ill defined problems into well-defined problems, take initiative and encourage consensus building across the entire organization.
  • Experience leading teams and delivering results in advertising search and recommendations
  • Enthusiasm for solving interesting problems for real customers
  • Publications and patents is highly desirable.

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