Business Leadership Program EMEA - Global Sales (Swedish & Norwegian/Finnish)

GSO: SOPS (incl. Ad Ops, SD, EBC)  |  Dublin, Ireland

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Business Leadership Program EMEA - Global Sales (Swedish & Norwegian OR Finnish)

You have big plans for yourself. We want to help you realise them.

Six years ago, we asked ourselves: What would happen if we connected ambitious, driven, entry-level talent with world-class sales training, exposure to company leadership, and meaningful work opportunities? The answer: magic.

In July 2013, we launched the Business Leadership Program – Global Sales (BLP-GS) focused on providing the brightest talent with the best business foundation to launch their sales careers. To date, over 400 associates have launched their sales careers via BLP-GS and continue to add tremendous value to LinkedIn’s mission of creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.

Why start your career in sales?

  • Gain exposure. You’ll talk to business leaders at smaller companies and more specialised individuals at larger companies across all industries. You’ll learn how to adjust your approach depending on the audience.
  • Build skills.Business acumen, influencing others, leadership, resilience, and an understanding of how to prioritize and work efficiently are versatile skills you will carry throughout your professional journey.
  • Get paid.In sales, there is a direct correlation between hard work and reward. This also rings true when it comes to compensation and promotion. Beginning your career in sales development lays the foundation to pursue a career path into more senior sales roles and leadership.
  • Be the fuel.When you are in sales, you are responsible for funding the mission and vision of LinkedIn and acquiring new business. At LinkedIn, sales is a team sport and relationships matter. Our teams collaborate and create leverage--it’s our culture; it’s who we are.
  • Be autonomous.It’s a pretty unique opportunity to own your own book of business at the start of your career. You’ll manage your time and activities accordingly.
  • Become a thought leader.Combine your authentic voice with LinkedIn’s global resources to build your brand and influence other professionals as they strive to become more productive and successful.


BLP-GS is a rotational program, within LinkedIn’s Sales Development Academy, designed to identify, inspire and develop future sales professionals. Within the initial 24 months, you will spend:

  • 6 months working for two of our key functions within LinkedIn:
    • Global Customer Operations - For 2 months, you’ll learn the backend of our products and develop relationships with members and customers by solving their pressing issues.
    • Talent Acquisition - For 3 months, you’ll end your BLP experience attracting and hiring top talent while mastering the art of storytelling and helping us advance our number one operating priority: talent.
  • 18 months working within our Sales Development organization:
    • Beginning your journey as a Sales Development Specialist where your daily work is the fuel for LinkedIn’s sales engine.

Basic Qualifications

  • Obtain a degree by June 2020 or earlier
  • Fluency in English & Swedish AND Norwegian OR Finnish 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Desire to pursue a career in technology sales
  • Self-aware, resilient, and independently motivated
  • Demonstrated growth mindset, ability to adapt, and effective communicator
  • Ability to drive results and manage complexity with a collaborative attitude
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with capacity to engage diverse audiences
  • Strategic mindset, with a passion for generating new ideas and processes
  • Shared belief in LinkedIn's mission, vision, culture and values

Please note that this role will be based in Dublin, Ireland.

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To support the large number of languages we are recruiting for this exciting program, please see below for our application opening dates:

18th September 2019 – English, French, Spanish & Italian, Arabic
7th October 2019  – German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Swedish & Norwegian/Finnish 

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