Position at Lifetouch National School Studios Inc.

Responsibilities include (not limited to):

  • Act as the primary trainer for all job functions within production work cells. Training each individual job tasks using best practices and standard work instructions.
  • Leveraging their subject matter expertise to increase the performance of the team, by observing and improving upon individual’s execution of job tasks.
  • Train employees (new and current) according to standard work, adapting to each individual’s learning style, teaching quick and effective ways to perform each job duty.
  • Provide production associate II with training updates when necessary.
  • Update Standard Work instructions and ensure instructions are being followed.
  • Assist the Production Lead and take on lead responsibilities in the absence of Lead.
  • Verify that customer images match accompanying paperwork; correct discrepancies.
  • Receive and open customer orders and enter customer information into business systems by keying and scanning.
  • Enhance images by retouching (at an advanced level), editing, color correction using various internal and external software applications; using appropriate judgment and decision-making; meeting quality and productivity standards.
  • Enhance and produce products using various equipment and mechanical processes to include cutting, coating, printing, framing, stretching, texturizing, mounting, and spotting.
  • Complete final shipment preparation using various vendors and methods (example: Diversified, bulk-shipping and rate shop).
  • Inspect final product for quality defects and accuracy. Complete assembly by folding, boxing, and adding accessories.
  • Use comprehensive judgment, decision-making, problem identification, problem solving and standard work to meet individual and team quality and productivity standards across multiple job functions, value streams and /or product lines.
  • Maintains production quality by monitoring output and troubleshooting, making appropriate adjustments and required.
  • Identifies and recommends and implements process improvements.
  • Uses safe work habits including proper lifting, bending, pushing, pulling, squatting, twisting and driving techniques and adheres to all safety rules and guidelines.

Qualifications may vary by department to include:

  • Ability to identify, implement and sustain best practices for each job function within the cell.
  • Computer skills to include keyboarding. May need to be at rate of 8,000 kph.
  • Must possess English language skills (speak, read, write).
  • Effective communication skills. Ability to provide detailed training to fellow team members completing daily tasks and responsibilities as needed.
  • Ability to interact with team members in a professional and approachable manner.
  • Advanced problem solving skills and willingness to share ideas for improving the work.
  • Demonstrated ability to see color. May need to pass standardized color test.
  • Advanced image enhancement software.
  • Ability to work in and promote a team environment.
  • Ability to lift up to 35 pounds following ergonomic standards.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and flex for the cell to maintain the appropriate pace or tempo.
  • Ability to recognize, adapt and correct various situations, tasks and people that might need addressed.
  • Ability to recognize and adapt to continuous change with a motivation (willingness) to learn.
  • Ability to work in a dark environment.
  • Knowledge of continuous improvement techniques and the Lifetouch production environment.
  • Ability to apply continuous improvement tools and techniques.
  • Demonstrated expertise and ability to perform all tasks within a work cell (with the exception of ECS and Advanced Retouching).