The Production Planner/Scheduler is responsible for identifying, preparing and maintaining accurate forecasts/demand plans. They will be responsible for developing nine to twelve month master schedules that align resources to project demand. Also, they are responsible for maintaining effective material demand plans, material specifications, and other supporting information to improve purchasing effectiveness, material availability, purchased material quality, internal coordination and reduce inventory levels.  

  The Production Planner/Scheduler will coordinate the materials planning and control functions for assignment.  This will include developing and maintaining forecasts and bills of material to assure effective MRP demand plans for purchased materials.  This position is directly responsible for ensuring material availability, minimizing risk of obsolescence. The Production Planner/Scheduler will work closely with and support the relevant locations and departments to assure that everyone is well informed regarding future plans affecting material usage.

This role will focus on leading demand planning processes through cross-functional teams involving personnel from Marketing, Production, and other stakeholders affected by the resulting forecast.  The position is ultimately responsible for maintaining the “master schedule” in the Fourth Shift “ERP (enterprise resource planning) system”.

The Production Planner/Scheduler will perform analysis on materials in inventory to minimize the risk of obsolescence, improve inventory performance, and minimize inventory investment.  They will also be responsible for cascading monthly top level master schedule to the sites for finite schedule by defining appropriate Bill of Material structure. 

Position Scope (Include budget responsibility, locations supported etc.):

  • Interpret and integrate high level production plans into a detailed materials plan
  • Lead communication of plan, changes to plan, contingency plans to Materials Coordinators and upper management
  • Define and communicate package contents via Bill of Material
  • Maintain most effective demand planning method for 4,500 purchased inventory items with an annual purchase value of $4-10 million.
  • Perform audits and analysis on items in inventory with an aggregate asset value of $10 million.
  • Perform audits on support stock to maintain safe quantities 
  • Track and resolve back order items in a timely manner. 

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
  • Maintain an on-going demand plan (forecast) of all items in Fourth Shift and Support Stock.  The plan will be maintained on the Fourth Shift software with a planning horizon of three to nine months.  Frequent planning reviews will be conducted with the appropriate Product Managers or budget holders to improve the integrity of the forecast information and obtain input on planned service/inventory levels.
  • Coordinate the introduction of new materials, product changes, and disposition of obsolete items.  This will include ensuring that all necessary information is defined for entry into the Fourth Shift system including descriptions, buyer codes, and reorder information.  Coordinate as required, additional specifications, drawings, and/or bills of material to effectively define the materials. 
  • Coordinate routines with division management that will provide them with information for effective on-going supply planning with suppliers and provide near term exception messages for managing delivery priorities and expediting.
  • Coordinate the distribution strategies that will provide for the most effective distribution of items and commodities.
  • Develop and maintain appropriate documentation for the critical planning routines and procedures. Example – Planning reports, Excel schedules and timeline dates.
  • Production Planning/Master Scheduling:  Maintain forecasts for production “end items” to effectively drive the requirements for dependent purchased materials.  Work closely with Planning Management to develop and enter a detailed master schedule plan into the “ERP system” (Fourth Shift) that is consistent with the high level plan for production.  Maintain a planning horizon of three to nine months through on-going analysis and coordination. 
  • Production Planning Bills of Material:  Define and structure all of the individual purchased items needed to produce our end products.  Develop the preliminary planning bills of material using established planning models and methods.  Integrate the “planning bills of material” with the master production schedule to drive the demand plans for purchased materials. 
  • Product Change Management:  Facilitate changes to the end products that affect the usage or design of purchased materials.   All proposed changes will be documented, reviewed, and discussed leading to an optimized decision.  Provide information relevant to improving the decision making efforts including cost analysis, lead time for implementation, and coordination with the field locations.  All change requests, including all relevant supporting documentation will be archived to facilitate review and inquiries as needed. The change will be integrated with standard processes for changes in status to items in the Fourth Shift systems on a timely basis and assure that the information is accurate at all times.
  • Plan Vs. Actual Review:  Perform “planned vs. actual” review processes to identify and review variances and update forecasts as necessary.  Utilize the “planned vs. actual” information to determine causes in forecast error and, where possible, reduce/eliminate the error in the future. Develop and maintain routines for involving plant personnel, appropriate Product Managers, or budget holders to improve the integrity of the forecast and obtain input on planned service/inventory levels.  Develop contingency plans for items at risk of not meeting production schedules. 
  • Inventory Analysis:  Implement processes to proactively review inventory items by “inventory class” for the purpose of 1) identifying materials that are at risk of becoming obsolete as a result of product changes or changes in demand plans; 2) creatively develop options to disposition materials that no longer have any planned demand; 3) implement the recommended strategies including the necessary follow up to confirm all recommended actions have been taken.  The inventory analysis process will also be leveraged to audit and clean up inventory items with a change in status but the change had been missed by the change process.
  • Analyze requests for maintenance/repair and determines scope of requested work.
  • Schedule, expedite, & coordinate the delivery & movement of critical material, including material for field transfers.

Minimum General Qualifications:
  • BS/BA degree with a major in Business Administration, Operations Management, Industrial Technology, or equivalent work experience.
  • Training in APICS and Lean Manufacturing Preferred.  Active and on-going involvement in APICS or Manufacture Alliance is expected. 
  • Professional materials planning and scheduling experience preferred.  
  • Solid general management skills including oral and written communication skills, excellent analytical and decision-making skills, good word-processing and spreadsheet (Microsoft Word and Excel) skills, and organization/priority management skills.
  • Technical skills preferred in this position including a basic understanding of MRP/ERP principles.
Other knowledge, skills, and abilities:
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to effectively work with all levels of the organization  
  • Excellent problem solving and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage change, multiple priorities and deadlines.  
  • Customer focused, honest and reliable