Weekend On-Call Scheduling Specialist (Friday 5pm - 8am Monday)

Corporate St. Louis Park, Minnesota


Position at Lifespark

In collaboration with the Life Care Manager/RN Case Manager, the On-Call Staffing Coordinator is responsible to manage afterhours emergent client and caregiver needs, including staffing that ensures a right-fit caregiver for each unique client and to deliver caregiving services per the client’s chosen schedule.

Position Functions and Responsibilities

Recruitment & Retention

  • Caregiver Accountability & Engagement
    • Ensure caregiver understanding of, and accountability to, Lifesprk policies, procedures and best practices
    • Real-time Caregiver coaching/mentoring
    • Communicate, reinforce and hold Caregivers accountable to Lifesprk call-in protocol and expectations
  • Scheduling
    • Collaborate with Life Care Manager to provide right-fit caregiver for every client
    • Design/maintain consistent schedules with enough flexibility to ensure every shift is staffed with the right-fit caregiver
    • Track employee availability and maintains a minimum of six-weeks availability in advance
    • Communicate and confirm all scheduling changes to clients and employees proactively
    • Inform Life Care Manager of any scheduling conflicts or concerns
    • Problem solves to ensure all call-offs and special requests are staffed
    • Adhere to the “No Shift Goes Unstaffed” Promise
    • Returns calls within 15 minutes;
    • Documents all calls, including resolution, in call log;
    • Submit call notes to scheduling team by 8am the next business day;

Quality & Compliance

  • Plays a key role in ensuring “survey readiness”
    • Participate in Lifesprk’s Event Management process including initiating reports, escalation of events and investigations
    • Promote safety in the workplace through real time coaching, participation in safety awareness training and progressive discipline where necessary
    • Report worker injuries to VP Quality/Compliance per best practice and promotes Lifesprk’s return to work program to prevent lost time
    • Verify all caregiving charting is thorough and complete, including necessary signatures
  • Plays a key role in delivering the Lifesprk Experience™
    • Establish rapport with all clients/family members at SOC
    • Adhere to the Staffing Call/Visit Standards to proactively seek feedback, address concerns and documents all visits and calls in the EMR
    • Participate in the 30-day team meeting and other conferences as requested by the Life Care Manager
    • Follows up on all calls, emails from clients and loved ones
    • Follows Lifesprk’s Service Recovery practice as needed to handle complaints and serious issues


  • Manages Caregiver labor costs
    • Seek approval for overtime only as last resort
    • Seek approval for incentives only as a last resort
    • Responsible to keep average caregiver wage in line with current standard
  • Client Billing
  • Knowledgeable regarding service offerings and bill rates
  • Resolve billing questions or escalate as necessary to the Life Care Manager, Director or Accounting


  • Participate in on-call program rotation
  • Participate in weekend coverage as needed


To gauge a Staffing Supervisor’s effectiveness results are measured using the following indicators and targets:

Recruitment and Retention

  1. Caregiver Investment Metric (CIM) => 95% of terminated employees in the last 60 days worked at least 228 hours total since hire

Quality & Compliance

  1. Regulatory & LSE Compliance Requirements => 95%

Lifesprk Experience

  • Net Promoter => 35% (Campus)


  1. HHA Productivity Campus = 80-85% for Assisted Living schedules (excluding NOC shift), Memory Care Schedules = 3.4 – 3.5 for hours/day
  2. Average Caregiver Wage =< 15.35/hr.
  3. OT + Incentives = <1,500/month for ALL teams combined


  1. High school diploma or equivalency required
  2. 1 year of experience in Healthcare, Staffing, Medical Administration or similar position required
  3. Must be proficient with technology and technological applications: Microsoft Office, Smart Phone, Calendaring, Wi-Fi, EMR, Internet Browsing, Printer
  4. Must possess:
  • ability to positively influence caregiver engagement
  • ability to effectively communicate at all levels of the organization, verbally and in writing
  • ability to maintain composure and stay positive in stressful situations
  • ability to be organized and prioritize multiple demands in a fast-paced environment
  • strong customer service qualities including empathy, positivity, desire to serve, resourcefulness and reliability
  • ability to efficiently and effectively manage schedules including problem solving for call offs or other unpredictable circumstances
  • ability to accurately maintain personnel records and confidentiality
  • collaborative spirit and desire to be part of a team
  • Must adapt well to changing priorities, instant deadlines, and frequent interruptions