Technical Enablement Specialist

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About Liferay 

Liferay, Inc. is a uniquely profitable B2B enterprise software company with 1,000+ fiery-eyed employees all across Europe, the Americas, Middle East, and Asia. As the leading provider of enterprise open source technologies, we have been recognized by Gartner for empowering businesses around the world to solve complex digital challenges.  Our flagship product is the Liferay Digital Experience Platform, which companies like Honda, Bank of the West, and Airbus use to build customized experiences for their customers and employees. 

But we don’t just make awesome software, we are also fueled by a greater-than-profit vision. By building a vibrant business, making technology useful, and investing in communities, we make it possible for people to reach their full potential to serve others. We give our employees five days paid off to volunteer at charities they’re excited about, and Liferay donates 10% of our profits to charities around the world. Oh, we’re also self-funded which gives us the freedom to work on whatever we think brings the most value to customers and communities in the long run!

The Team

Liferay Sales Enablement is a global, distributed team tasked with ensuring that all Sales department employees are enabled on Liferay Products, Solutions, and Sales Methodologies. Our main goals are to ensure that the Sales team is able to maximise revenue and sales, and to do that in a consistent and repeatable way.

Technical Enablement is specifically responsible for ensuring that Liferay’s Sales Engineers have access to any asset they need that supports their interactions with prospects and customers. To do this Technical Enablement works closely with almost all departments, but most closely with Business Enablement Sales Engineering, Product Management, Engineering, and Portfolio Marketing to ensure that these assets are relevant, up-to-date and accurate.

About You and this Role

Technical Enablement Specialists are individual contributors who use their expertise and skill set to benefit Sales Engineers out in the field who work in direct sales or in the channel. Technical Enablement Specialists are aligned to one or more of Liferay’s Strategic Solutions - specifically B2B Commerce and Self-Service Portals.

Technical Enablement Specialists must work with a wide-range of other employees within both Sales Enablement and across other teams who are also focussed on Liferay’s Strategic Solutions. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that Sales Engineers have access to all suitable assets (most notably Demos) that are aligned to their Strategic Solution. To do this they must be intimately familiar with the Solution Definition, with Liferay’s portfolio of products and be able to map the Solution Definition onto product features and capabilities to ensure that Solution Demos are aligned with the Solution Definition.

The keys to success in this role:

- Consistent curation, creation and maintenance of Solution Demos aligned to the Solution Definitions
- A high rate of adoption of these resources by SEs worldwide
- Ability to identify feature gaps to Product Management for consideration for addition as future product features
- Adaptability and sensitivity to cultural aspects and related regional business concerns


- Primary responsibility is to work alongside the Solution Enablement Specialists to develop Demos and other Technical Assets (Presentations, White Papers etc.) to support the Sales Engineers
- Work with the Solution CoE to take Design Assets and develop them into full Solution Demos
- Work closely with Technical Enablement Engineers to build Demo Assets and Components collaboratively based on Solution CoE Design Assets
- Work closely with the Product Teams (Commerce and DXP) to ensure that features identified by Portfolio Marketing as requirements for each solution, fleshed out by the Solution CoE into mockups and Figma demos, and then built out into Demo Assets are able to be incorporated back into the core platform.
- Work closely with Sales Engineering to ensure that the demos delivered meet the needs of the Sales Engineers
- Work closely with Solution Architects (primarily B2B Commerce at this stage) to ensure that existing features are effectively incorporated into and used in demos
- To maintain the Solution Demos as needs evolve and through product upgrades
- To build additional Solution Demos as new solutions are identified and added to the strategy
- Develop (or curate the development of) Technical/Demo Certification for their Solutions to be used by Liferay Employees, Partners and Customers and the teams supporting Partners and Customers.

Basic Qualifications

- More than 1 years understanding and Knowledge of Technical Selling (e.g. may have held a Sales Engineer, Technical Pre-sales or Consultant role in Liferay or elsewhere, may have technical skills and worked closely with Sales roles)
- Familiarity with Demo Development (i.e. understands the need for a demo to be flexible / configurable / customisable / extensible) and for the Sales Engineer to be 100% comfortable that they can use the full capabilities of the platform (both end-user and admin roles) during a demo
- Understanding and knowledge of Product/Solution Certification development and execution
- Strong technical writing skills, strong presentation and other written and verbal communication both online and in-person
- Development Skills (Java, Frontend (JS/HTML/CSS), Github, etc.) - not as a key requirement, but enough knowledge to be able to guide other team members and members from other teams, create components if required
- Comfortable with working across multiple teams, geographically dispersed
- Self-motivated - ability to understand clear goals and deliver on those goals independently
- Bachelor's Degree or similar completed education.
- Experience of working for a software vendor, ideally in the enterprise space
- Strong ability to connect, network, and collaborate quickly with new colleagues from diverse cultures and motivate multiple groups toward accomplishing a task
- Charismatic and energetic self-starting personality
- Exhibits Liferay core values - Produce Excellence, Lead by Serving, Value People, Grow and Get Better, Stay Nerdy

Preferred Qualifications

- 2+ years Experience and Knowledge of Technical Selling
- Deep understanding of the requirements of Demo Development
- Strong experience with content management systems (CMS)
- Proven track record of self-learning and ability to quickly gain deep understanding of enterprise software
- Specialization in 1-2 domains or use cases for industries such as commerce, retail, information technology & high tech, healthcare, financial services, education, insurance, government, military/defense, energy, telecom

What We Offer

  • Salary package w/ competitive benefits according to qualifications and experience
  • Opportunities to take responsibility and grow professionally
  • A positive and collaborative work culture
  • Working at a leading open source company 

Equal Opportunities Employer - Statement

Liferay is committed to the equal treatment of all candidates, customers and employees and to fostering a culture of dignity at work. Our operating procedure provides for equal opportunities in recruitment and employment with the aim to eliminate discrimination against any job applicant or employee on the basis of race, age, sexual orientation, gender, religion or beliefs, marital or civil partnerships status, family or dependency status, disability, pregnancy and maternity or membership of a traveling community.