Professional Branding Specialist

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Professional Branding Specialist, Virtual


We are looking for talented Resume writers and competent LinkedIn users to provide career guidance and support to candidates to enhance their strengths, improve their job skills, and focus on their personal brand. You will work with professionals who seek guidance for career development.

Our Professional Branding Specialists must exhibit a professional demeanor and eagerness to support candidates in transition. You must be able to discover people’s strengths and weaknesses, while providing suggestions on what works best for them in today’s dynamic marketplace. Having communication skills partnered with critical thinking are prerequisites for this position.

This is a casual position and location is flexible as this is a remote position. Successful applicants must demonstrate a high level of self-motivation, thrives on working in a fast-past environment and can work autonomously. In addition; you must be fully conversant with social media platforms and comfortable with using technology in the context of delivering Career Transition support.



Reporting Relationships:

      Operations & Engagement Manager


Direct Reports:



Major Responsibilities

  • Develop effective and timely Resume and LinkedIn profiles for candidates
  • Communicate directly with candidates to understand their goals and ambitions
  • Assess the strengths of individuals and partner with them to showcase their talents effectively
  • Edit documents in real-time while working with candidates
  • Assess applicants’ knowledge-base and apply skills, experience, and aptitudes on collateral material
  • Apply knowledge of various Resume formats to each candidate’s unique situation
  • Provide well-documented updates to internal systems

Required Experience

  • 2-3 years’ experience writing Resumes / relevant experience as a professional Resume writer
  • Intermediate level of expertise using Microsoft Word
  • Experience with web-based conferencing services (i.e. Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime
  • Familiarity with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Candidate Management Systems (CMS)
  • Excellent writing, grammatical, editing, and punctuation skills
  • 4-year degree or work-related expertise in Human Resources environments or Career Transition Management




Required Attributes

  • Knowledge of different Resume formats
  • Excellent verbal communication skills and listening
  • Ability to provide insights and feedback in a meaningful and empathic way
  • Enjoys working with people and part of a larger functional team
  • Strong decision-making, critical thinking, and marketing skills
  • Ability to work in a production environment whilst managing customer expectations and delivering quality service


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