Project Manager

Customer Service Shanghai, China




Project Manager - China


The role is responsible for talent development  & career transition projects and programs are executed successfully, and to have overall responsibility for ensuring TD & CT related logistic and event management.



Reporting Relationships:

      Managing Director, China


Direct Reports:



Major Responsibilities


      Create and maintain project plans for talent development and career transition programs using established templates;

      Schedule and liaise with Solution Director and consultants for project meetings;

      Manage scheduling process and calendar for assessment, consulting, seminar, workshop, coaching, or online development activities;

      Maintain and monitor digital learning campus;

      Manage event registration setup and ongoing registration support;

      Coordinate and distribute event-related communications to attendees;

      General project logistics and coordination tasks activities including on-site, off-site, on-line, and off-line;

      Assist with project delivery and in-room support to supplement onsite project staff capacity;

      Key note speaker and coach management: scheduling, confirmation, liaise with Solution Director and Account Managers for preparation debrief with speaker or coach;

      Support the preparation process for statements of work for project vendors and submit purchase requisitions in procurement;

      Manage the training event evaluation/assessment process;

      Summarize and analyse training event evaluation metrics to present the project team and other stakeholder;

      Manage and lead a continuous improvement process for the project team; make recommendations for improvement;


Required Attributes

      3-5 years corporate business experience, professional services experience preferred

      TAFE/undergraduate degree

      Reporting, data analytics or data management experience preferred

      Demonstrated oral and written communication skills

      Strong expertise in MS Excel

      Relational database experience such as MS Query and reporting tools

      Ability to use reporting software such as MicroStrategy, PowerBI or other preferred

      Proficient in computer/data skills including Word, PPT, Outlook


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