Corporate Recruiter (Multi-lingual/Spanish/English)

Human Resources United Kingdom
Contract Type: Full-time


Corporate Recruiter

Role The role of the Corporate Recruiter is to focus on recruiting talent at all levels and managing the process to ensure a positive candidate experience. You will work closely with internal clients to understand talent needs, set search strategy based on those needs, and execute the search strategy to deliver outstanding talent. The Corporate Recruiter will be assigned to multiple projects and work closely to understand client needs and fulfill complex search mandates.

The Corporate Recruiter uses various resources to understand markets, conduct research and recruit. He/she is responsible for setting the search strategy, building the target list, contacting prospective candidates and sources of referral, assessing and determining degree of fit and suitability for an opportunity. In addition, the Corporate Recruiter will be required to participate in interviews, client meetings, conduct references, and manage candidates and/or clients throughout the search process. The Corporate Recruiter will work well in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment as a proactive team player while efficiently managing multiple projects, priorities and internal and external candidate expectations.


Reporting Relationships:

      Reports to the SVP Global Head of Talent Acquisition


Direct Reports:



Major Responsibilities

Key Accountabilities

      Meeting with internal clients to understand talent requirements.

      Setting search strategy and executing that strategy based on talent requirements.

      Conducting industry research to develop target lists which includes identifying companies of interest, mapping organizational structures and locating individuals of interest in large and small organizations nationally.

      Making effective use of various databases to retrieve and capture information on potential candidates and organizations, and to manage information throughout the search process.

      Identifying potential candidates and sources using a variety of research techniques.

      Conducting telephone screening calls, sourcing calls and telephone interviews of prospective candidates.

      Selling career opportunities to professionals who are passive candidates.

      Developing and maintaining a network of contacts to source qualified talent through a variety of channels including internet, social networking sites, networking, cold calling, referrals, job fairs, etc.

      Regularly updating internal clients on search progress.

      Participating in or leading face-to-face interviewing with candidates, as required.


Required Experience/Characteristics

Skills and Competencies

      Undergraduate degree preferred

      Knowledge management, analytical and data evaluation skills

      Effectively prioritize multiple projects, priorities and expectations

      Proactive and inclusive team player

      Strong work ethic, ambitious and driven to excel

      Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills

      Exceptional written and oral communication skills

      Strong sense of urgency; will go the extra mile to get the job done

      Ability to learn quickly and work across many industries

      Openness to new tools and technologies

      Demonstrated tenacity and persistence

      Experience working on multiple projects at a time, managing multiple and changing priorities

      Aptitude and comfort with information technology. i.e., ATS (Jobvite preferred), LinkedIn, job boards, etc.


      Influence and Persuasion: influencing others to a desired outcome through building persuasive arguments based on logic and fact, coupled with the ability to anticipate and respond to the needs and concerns of others. Can identify and balance the needs of multiple stakeholders. Can demonstrate ways to meet the diverse needs of different interest groups.

      Results Orientation: makes a personal commitment to meeting or exceeding a standard of excellence, focusing attention to achieve effective outcomes, a bias for taking action, demonstrating a sense of urgency, showing initiative and consistently delivering against defined targets. Makes specific changes in own work methods or systems to improve performance beyond agreed standards (e.g., does something faster, at lower cost, more efficiently; improves quality, customer satisfaction, revenues, etc.). Manifests a sense of urgency as appropriate in various situations.

      Collaboration: understands group dynamics and can solicit varying points of view, ideas, and opinions from team members to help form specific decisions, plans, and build consensus. Genuinely values others' input and expertise, is willing to learn from others, and consider other groups'/departments' perspectives.

      Relationship Building: working to build or maintain ethical relationships or networks of contacts with people who are, or might someday be, useful in achieving work-related goals and establishing competitive advantage.

      Communication: able to interact effectively with other individuals and groups. It is the ability to accurately listen, understand and respond appropriately and effectively when interacting with individuals and groups. Solicits and provides constructive and honest feedback. Presents ideas simply and clearly.


      Minimum of 3 plus years of recruitment or staffing industry experience or equivalent Human Resources or consulting experience in another professional services/consulting environment.

Multi-Lingual skills (Spanish/English preferred)

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