Talent Promoter

Operations Sydney, Australia


Talent Promoter

The primary responsibility of the Talent Promoter role is to create and strengthen valuable relationships with organisations by acting as a liaison between Hiring Managers and Career Transition Candidates.


The Talent Promoter provides insights, employment trends and information on companies/recruitment agencies in Australia and identifies jobs specific to the skillsets and interests of Candidates.


Required to demonstrate a high level of Customer Service, logical thinking and problem solving. Knowledge of the Australian job market, a high degree of flexibility and initiative in order to deliver on adhoc activities and tasks that are also required. 


Reporting Relationships:

Ø      Lead Talent Connector and Promoter, Australia

Direct Reports:

Ø      No


Major Responsibilities

Talent Promoter Role:

Building the LHH Hiring Community

Ø      Utilise a number of proactive approaches to connect individuals with hiring organisations such as reverse marketing to prospective and active Customers within the LHH portfolio.

Ø      Connect to external employment agencies and search firms and also leverage relationships within the Adecco brand ecosystem.

Ø      Continue to actively grow the Hiring Community (by networking, working with Customer Partners, Coaches and Adecco group colleagues).

Ø      Deliver Digital Talent Exchange (DTE) Demo’s to new Hiring Managers and set them up on the system.

Ø      Create Job Advertisements and upload onto Job Scout, social and professional networking sites to drive roles to individuals. Also share them with the Coaches to ensure those roles are shared with those who are early in their transition process.

Ø      Work in collaboration with corporate clients and employment agencies in the LHH network to support them in their recruitment needs, creating opportunities for Career Transition (CT) Clients.

Ø      Network with Business Chambers, Government and Industry groups to raise awareness of employee groups to create job openings.

Ø      Carry out proactive research to increase job opportunities for CT Candidates.



Supporting Transitioning Talent

Ø      Introduce employment opportunities to individuals undergoing a Career Transition Program.

Ø      Conduct 1-to-1 sessions with individuals to gain an understanding of their experience, key areas of expertise, aspirations and target companies.

Ø      Work in collaboration with our national network of Consultants/Coaches responding promptly to referrals of individuals requiring Talent Promoter support.

Ø      Support Corporate Customers/Prospects requiring recruitment assistance.

Ø      Participate in general brainstorming for alternative career opportunities for individuals with disabilities or geographical restrictions.

Ø      Support individuals referred by LHH Consultants (outside of Projects) to provide job search assistance.

Ø      Provide training on a range of LHH and external job search and application tools


Assist on Career Transition Projects

Ø      Organise Career Fairs, Employer Spotlight Sessions and Employer Tours as required by Customer Projects.

Ø      Compile Market Intel reports for key stakeholders on Projects. 


May also be required to:

Ø      Present regular updates on employment trends:

  • across a wide variety of industries in the marketplace in various media’s
  • and also to the various JSWT (Job Search Work Team)
  • to the internal team as needed

Ø      Assist the International Transfer Manager by providing 1-to-1 remote or face to face meetings with candidates from international branches providing an overview of the local job market.

Ø      Work in collaboration with the Account Managers/Customer Partners providing input on Bids and Tenders.


Required Experience / Characteristics

Ø      Strong Customer Service/Customer Experience focus

Ø      Ability to deal with difficult client situations/conversations

Ø      Independent and creative thinker who can respond to a situation with all parties in mind

Ø      High level of Stakeholder Management

Ø      Effective Team Contributor and Team Player

Ø      Logical approach to problem solving

Ø      Demonstrated ability to take initiative

Ø      Strong attention to detail across all aspects of the role

Ø      Highly organised and efficient

Ø      A passionate brand advocate who looks for opportunities to promote the LHH brand and promote LHH Candidates

Ø      Demonstrates a performance driven and growth mindset to achieve the highest standards

Ø      Tertiary level qualification in Human Resources, Psychology, Communications, Career Coaching or Facilitation or a similar/related discipline

Ø      Demonstrated advanced PC skills with the ability to pick up internal systems quickly and effectively (Salesforce, ERP, CRM, MS 365 Office, plus various proprietary systems)

Ø      Experienced using Social Media for business, particularly LinkedIn

Ø      Knowledge of Career Transition services or Coaching is favourable



About LHH

The world of work is changing fast.

Profound changes at profound speed.


But whereas many see change as an existential threat,

a select few see it as an opportunity to make a difference.

An opportunity to deliver lifelong employability to a generation of talent in transition.

An opportunity to develop leaders, recognising the capabilities needed for today,

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And an opportunity to look beyond what’s right for a company, to what’s right for society as a whole.


And out of the few that see these opportunities, there are even fewer placed to actually deliver them.

At Lee Hecht Harrison, we have the scale, the expertise and the insight, not only to identify these opportunities, but to realise them.


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