Facilities Project Coordinator

Other Dodgeville, Wisconsin

As a Facilities Project Coordinator, you will plan, coordinate and manage facility improvement projects; including contractor bidding, project timeline and budget. Responsible for drafting and design on small facility planning projects using AutoCAD program. This includes drawings and short form specifications for construction projects and furniture drawings related to furniture remodeling. Responsible for coordinating the master drawing files. Assist Facility Engineer(s) and/or Manager with documentation and presentations.  Responsible for coordinating furniture installation pertaining to furniture remodeling projects. 

Position Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for project management with daily coordination of the maintenance department construction projects, building repair construction projects and their timely completion.
  • Ability to develop a punch list for all outstanding work remaining on projects and retain for project records. 
  • Responsible for overall schedule on maintenance construction projects.  To be monitored daily, and tracked on the project management program used by other Facility Planning Personnel.
  • Develop construction drawings, specifications and space planning for construction and furniture installation projects.
  • Assist Facility Manager with timely completion of presentation drawings used for meetings with upper management.
  • Responsible for coordinating and monitoring the master drawing file in relation to all Facility Planning projects.
  • Develop, implement and expand a complete library for all standard drawings, specifications and facility projects.
  • Responsible for overall coordinating of furniture installation related to the original design.


Successful candidates should have the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:


  • Preferred Associate degree in engineering or architectural discipline with a minimum of 1 year related experience.
  • Proficient in AutoCAD with a minimum of 2 year, experience. Proficient in reading blueprints of all construction disciplines.
  • Proficient knowledge and experience of building, construction methods, techniques and practices. Proficient knowledge of interpreting building/furniture blue prints.
  • Proficiency in computer skills including knowledge of Microsoft Office Products.  The ability to navigate using internet browsers.
  • Leadership skill to direct work assignments and the ability to hold internal staff and contractors accountable for timelines and prioritization.

Lands End, Inc., is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Veteran/Disability Employer.