VIP Support Specialist

Customer Service Victoria, British Columbia


Job Description

Our VIP Support Specialists provide the top tier of our support experience. You will assist our most loyal customers with issues ranging from missing in-game items, to more complex technical troubleshooting. Our support is entirely email-based, with live chat support to be added in the near future. KIXEYE’s fans are some of the most dedicated gamers on the planet, and we strive to serve them with the fastest, most personalized and comprehensive support in the industry. 

You will answer a baseline number of tickets every day, while also handling additional responsibilities that may include: monitoring our social media channels, alerting game studios of emerging bugs, assisting with quality checks, replying to reviews in the app store, and other projects as needed.

You responsibilities include:

  • Answer a minimum number of tickets when not assigned to other tasks
  • Maintain a quality level of at least 90% accuracy when answering tickets
  • Become an expert in two of our titles, familiarizing yourself with all aspects of gameplay, and staying on top of all new and changing content
  • Be responsible for the delivery of side projects as delegated from leadership
  • Manage additional responsibilities such as queue monitoring, social media channel monitoring, credit disputes, and app store reviews


  • Ability to type at least 50 WPM
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Some customer support experience preferred
  • Strong intra-team communication skills; you will need to communicate with leadership to ensure you have all resources necessary to perform your job