Product Analyst

Analytics Victoria, British Columbia


As a Product Analyst for War Commander you will own game metrics including monetization, retention and user engagement. You will operate as the only analyst on the team and reporting to the Product Manager. You are expected to be largely self-directed in managing the existing analytic tools and providing decision support when called upon. You are also expected to be curious and develop new insights, empowering the rest of the team with data and a vision for how to put it to use.


  • Take ownership of existing ETL pipelines, being responsible for their continued good health and making improvements wherever possible. This, mercifully, could also mean turning off redundant or useless jobs;
  • A large emphasis on exploratory analysis, we are always most interested in what we don't know that we don't know (unknown unknowns). This work is almost entirely self-guided, you have to be curious;
  • Perform monthly projections by assessing past performance of similar content against future audience expectations;
  • Plan, create and execute limited time offers as required to meet revenue targets; and
  • Respond to routine and ad-hoc requests from all members of the team. This could take the form of passing along a few key numbers verbally to the Executive Producer, orienting a designer to adoption of some feature, or identifying cheaters and creating a Google Sheet for our community service agents.
Desired Skills
  • Proficiency with SQL is an asset. Experience with expressing data analytics through tools like Tableau and Looker is preferred;
  • Demonstrated ability to program in some language. Our analytics technology stack relies heavily on SQL, Python, Jenkins and Tableau, but our belief is that if you know how to program at all these technologies will be easily learned; and
  • Passionate interest in a field such as economics, statistics, algorithmic trading, ML, game systems design.
Other assets
  • Are you familiar with works like The Black Swan and The Goal? Whether you agree or disagree with them, it would start us off with common language & understanding; and
  • Every team member has a discrete role, but we are all expected to contribute in any way that our experience and interest allows.