Game Designer (WC:RA)

Game Production San Francisco, California


As a Game Designer on KIXEYE's newest release, 'War Commander: Rogue Assault', you will work closely with the product, design, and engineering teams on core game balance, dynamics of free-to-play features and create new and exciting features for the future.


  • Balance game systems, economies, and events for millions of players to enjoy
  • Maintain meta-strategy and content rollout
  • Maintain the core game loop and combat balance
  • Modeling and tuning complex game systems using Excel
  • Provide clear feature documentation, diagrams, wireframes and/or prototypes
  • Make decisions based on analytical data and present them with proofs
  • Iterate consistently on game balance to create an awesome experience
  • Communicate with leadership to fine tune mechanics & events in the game
  • Work with level designers and engineers to maximize fun and monetization goals


  • Minimum of 2 years experience in game balance, economics, or feature design on at least 1 shipped MMO titles
  • Understanding of game economies, formulas, power curves, and balancing combat on a free-to-play title
  • Demonstrate strong game design and analytical skills
  • Must understand how to read analytical data to inform decisions
  • Ability to work collaboratively with product managers, engineers, and designers
  • Bachelor’s degree required; game design degree a plus
  • Strong math and analytic skills


  • Self-starter with a good sense of accountability and ownership
  • Ability to break down AAA and mobile RTS/Strategy games to its root mechanics and dissect its game balance
  • Familiarity with scripting languages or other technical skills related to game development