Associate Director of Academics, High School Humanities

Regional Support Office Oakland, California


Position Summary

The Associate Director of Academics, High School Humanities’ role is to create and execute a strategy to support our high school students’ achievement in English, History, and Spanish and influence teachers and leaders within our region to operate high achieving schools that support and serve all of our students. As an academics team, we set the academic direction, develop Assistant Principals and Content Specialists at our schools, and create and maintain academic systems which enable our schools. 

This position reports to the Director of Academics, is based out of our Regional Support Office (RSO) in Oakland, and will play a critical role within KIPP Public Schools, Northern California. This position requires frequent travel between our schools throughout Northern California (when our schools are operating in person). The start date is ASAP.

Required Qualifications

  • 2+ years of instructional leadership experience supervising teachers at a 9-12 School.
  • 4+ years of teaching experience at a 9-12 school with strong results
  • BA/BS required, MA/MS or Ph.D. preferred
Knowledge/skills required:
  • Holds a high bar for instruction and can identify actions that will improve teacher practice. 
  • The ability to use data, including student work, to identify next steps for teachers.
  • An eagerness to receive and implement feedback.
  • A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and the ability to partner across lines of difference.
  • A deep passion for social justice and equity for all children; a strong belief that all students can achieve at the highest levels regardless of demography.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Strong knowledge of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.
  • Content expertise in either English or History with comfort in both disciplines.
  • Proficiency in the Relay coaching Model for Data Driven Instruction, Weekly Data Meetings, Observation and Feedback, and Leading adult PD.
  • Experience with Adaptive coaching.
  • Experience as an Assistant Principal, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, or other equivalent position

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

Develop and Execute Structures and Systems to Support our Schools: Our most recent priorities have been to create a system that allows us to use data to drive instruction at our schools. This has meant aligning on scopes and sequences of standards at our schools, putting together interim assessments that align with our north star assessments.

  • Ensure we have systems and structures in place to effectively execute our regional priorities that will impact student achievement across our schools.
  • Build partnerships with schools and gather data to understand their needs and provide them with the support they need to make progress towards our vision that will move students forward. 
  • Support the development and execution of a plan for implementing the regional priorities at schools that incorporates schools voices to inform what is the right balance between feasible for staff and ambitious for students. 
  • Create partnerships with Regional Support Office teammates to support the creation and execution of enabling systems.
  • Partner with the KIPP Foundation to provide high leverage resources for our schools.
  • Develop an understanding of the AP for ALL curricula in order to support schools with executing on the curriculum at schools. 
  • Develop a perspective on the most critical structures and systems for student achievement and how schools should go about executing them. 
  • Influence and support schools to make decisions that will have the greatest positive impact on student learning.
  • Coach and manage at least one direct report.
Set the Academic Direction for Our Schools:
  • On an annual cycle, determine the next incremental items that will positively impact schools.
  • Partner with Managing Directors of Schools (MDSs) and gather input from Assistant Principals (APs), School Leaders/Principals (SLs), and teachers to inform our collective plan.
  • Roll out and Invest MDSs, SLs, APs, and CSs in our plan.
  • Create the resources, training, and systems to execute on those plans. 
  • Follow through on those plans by providing on the ground support, reminders of our overarching goals, and feedback. 
Increase the Efficacy of Instructional Coaches: 
  • Increase the impact of our instructional coaches and thus their teachers on student achievement by building relationships with them and coaching them using a combination of the Relay Coaching Model, and Strengths Based adaptive coaching.
  • Identify, share, and support curriculum best practices to increase instructional quality.
  • Utilize data to respond to the needs of students, teachers, and coaches.

    Physical, Mental and Environmental Demands

    Physical: Sitting, walking, carrying, climbing stairs; ability to use a computer for long periods of time, keyboarding, mousing, ability to participate in conference and video calls. Driving up to two hours at a time or taking public transportation.

    Mental: Problem Solving, Make Decisions, Interpret data, Read and write, organize. Stress of deadlines and work standards, work with interruptions, concentrate for long periods of time, memorize and recall objects and people.

    Environmental: Office, classroom, and travel. Environment subject to interruptions and distractions.  Frequent classroom/school environment and travel. In an emergency context (e.g., pandemic), work may be conducted virtually fully or partially for extended periods of time or longer, and the expectation is that the individual will establish a productive, remote work environment (e.g., ability to stay connected through different technology means). It may require remote work as current public health guidelines warrant.


    Full-time, exempt position based on the regional support office calendar and time-off policy

    About KIPP Public Schools Northern California

    We are a thriving nonprofit network of 17 free, public charter schools open to all students. At KIPP, we believe all children should grow up free to create the future they want for themselves and that schools can and should be a critical factor in making that vision a reality. Together with families and communities, we create joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose—college, career, and beyond—so they can lead fulfilling lives and build a more just world. 

     Our student community consists of over 6,000 elementary, middle, and high school students in East Palo Alto, Oakland, San Francisco, San Lorenzo, San Jose, and Redwood City. 79% qualify for free or reduced price lunch, 23% are multilingual learners, and 10% have special needs.  We strive to cultivate a representative team of teachers and leaders that reflect our students’ diversity.


    We are dedicated to you and your family's well-being! KIPP offers a competitive salary as well as a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, and transportation benefits. 

    How to Apply

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