Founding High School School Leader in Stockton, CA (Summer 2024)

2024-25 School Leadership Stockton, California


About KIPP Public Schools Northern California

We are a thriving nonprofit network of 21 free, public charter schools open to all students. At KIPP, we believe all children should grow up free to create the future they want for themselves and that schools can and should be a critical partner in making their vision a reality. Together with families and communities, we create joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose—college, career, and beyond—so they can lead fulfilling lives and build a more just world. 

Our student community consists of over 6,000 elementary, middle, and high school students in East Palo Alto, Oakland, San Francisco, San Lorenzo, San Jose, Redwood City, and Stockton. Our student community demographics are: 94% identify as students of color, 79% qualify for free or reduced price lunch, 23% are English language learners, and 10% receive special education services.  We strive to cultivate a representative team of teachers and leaders that reflect our students’ diversity.

Our Founding High School Leader will participate in a Principal in Residency (PIR) Program, PIRs: 

  • Act as a member of a KIPP school’s leadership team for one semester: PIRs contribute to overall academic and cultural vision and goals of the host school. PIRs regularly engage in on-the-job opportunities to develop the leadership skills and competencies needed to thrive as school leaders, outlined in a development roadmap. 
  • Receive ongoing one-on-one coaching: PIRs receive regular coaching from their School Leader Manager and the Director of Leadership Development. 
  • Formal Professional Development: PIRs will receive formal professional development aligned to KIPP NorCal’s Leadership competencies and targeting specific developmental needs


  • KIPP Public Schools Northern California is looking for a dynamic Leader to help further the mission of education equity by leading and founding our first high school in Stockton, California.  
  • This role will start in June 2024. 
  • The Founding School Leader will participate in a year long principal fellowship program while designing their school and preparing for school launch August 2025


Serve in a leadership role for one semester at an existing KIPP Northern California school

  • Support the development of the School Leader’s school-wide vision and takes an active role in investing and mobilizing teachers to achieve the collective goals of the school; owns the implementation of select school priorities in support of the school-wide vision
  • Actively participate in the schools strong start through designing and executing professional development, leading practice clinics, progress monitoring and instructional coaching. 
  • Effectively plan to meet goals through prioritization and excellent time management and coach others to do the same 
  • Manage parts of the daily school operations (e.g. arrival/dismissal, lunch/recess, school trips, extra-curricular school activities, school events, facility maintenance)
  • Study curriculum and assessment content and further develops understanding of how assessments map to content mastery, and what is required of students and teachers to accomplish mastery on the assessments
  • Coach teachers through lesson internalization, lesson execution, classroom management and assessing for mastery


School Launch Onboarding, Planning and Execution 

  • Complete a school launch plan which includes learning essential systems, structures and KIPP Northern California school model components, while designing an equitable school focused on joy and academic excellence. Embedded in the school launch plan are specific assignments to help prepare the founder for school launch. 
  • Work with regional teams to execute a school launch workplan with several work streams that must come together to have a successful launch. 


Coaching and Leadership Development 

  • Participate in leadership development programming through the KIPP Foundation with other school leaders throughout the KIPP Network. 
  • Participate in up to three residencies in KIPP Northern California and externally. Each three-day residency provides an opportunity to gain insight into the instructional, operational, and performance management practices of successful schools and school leaders. 
  • Receive direct on the ground coaching by the Managing Director of Schools for Stockton. 
  • Work on development goals with an external leadership coach through the KIPP Foundation. 


Student Recruitment and Hiring 

  • Work directly with the Stockton Manager of Recruitment to ensure full enrollment on day 1. Activities include attending community events, canvassing, and supporting your Director of School Operations with enrollment processes. 
  • Recruit, select and hire a strong founding team of teachers, leaders and support staff. 



  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university (required)
  • At least 3 years of teaching experience (required)
  • At least 2 year of school-level leadership experience (required)
  • A California Teaching Credential (required)
  • Strong record of helping students achieve academic success and holistic growth (required)



  • Student Focus: Belief that all students, regardless of background, have the ability to go to and through college; demonstrated commitment to the school’s unique community
  • Direction Setting: Ability to set direction for a team and motivate others to action
  • Achievement Orientation and Performance Management: Demonstrated student achievement results in own classroom and from teachers that he/she manages
  • Cultural Competence: Demonstrated ability to create inclusive environments that honors and supports a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives
  • Instructional Leadership: Adept at data analysis; ability to extract meaningful insights across school-wide data
  • Instructional Leadership: Expertise in what the  school-wide academic standards and state assessments require of students’ knowledge and skills to demonstrate mastery; able to translate student mastery requirements into instructional plans and strategies
  • Instructional Leadership: Deep understanding of appropriate application and differentiation of high-leverage instructional strategies (e.g. make kids sweat, pacing, stretch it, etc.) based on comprehension of child development and pedagogy
  • Relationship Building: Expertise in cultivating relationships and managing a diverse group of stakeholders
  • Achievement Orientation: Demonstrated resilience and focus on student outcomes


KIPP Northern California is dedicated to you and your family's well-being! We offer a competitive salary as well as a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, and transportation benefits.

We benchmark annually against school districts and charter schools in the regions where we operate, to offer competitive salaries.The salary range for this position is between $130,00 - $165,000 (Bay Area) and between $125,000 - $160,000 (Stockton)

Apply today and open your dream school!